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  2. [Guide] Rust Experimental Server

    Read sir
  3. [Guide] Rust Experimental Server

    Could you help me? I created a server and wrote it to connect to chap steam auth failed. Thanks in advance!
  4. I suggest removing the weapons when you spawn in, its to overpowered for everyone to spawn in with a gun and even shooting radiated animals, nearly every backpack they drop has a weapon in it, and I am hearing alot of people have a problem with spawning in with guns. Otherwise I have no problem with this server, i might also suggest getting some mods to keep an eye out on people as the admincompanion wont be able to do that.
  5. Last week
  6. RustBuster updated to 1.7.3 to connect to you server you have to update your client by running the rustbuster.exe application
  7. RustExperimentalCommunity Update 176

    [rust.facepunch.com] Lots of art, Rust lore deep mined, and more. View Post[rust.facepunch.com]View the full update Entry
  8. HurtworldHurtworld Dev Blog #121

    Hi Hurtworldians! In this weeks dev update we check out the finished chopper paint skins, flesh out some town event art, start a heavy server performance optimization pass and talk about the new features going into the next patch. Check out the full update here: http://hurtworld.com/hurtworld-update-121/View the full update entry
  9. "send me first you steamID you can find it at your Rust Folder in "LumaEmu_Steamclient" at last Lines" i have write to you where you can find it..
  10. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198291167083 STEAM_1:1:165450677 http://steamcommunity.com/id/HowToMC3033 76561198291167083 Sorry I don't know how to find id, but one of these are my id i think
  11. Hi Hurtworldians, This hotfix patch fixes up some issues with item serialization that were causing UI bugs and other problems within the item system. The item coloring window will now close other interaction windows when it opens and we've upated our default content collection in our SDK. Changelog: Fixed a bug where the item coloring window wouldn't close other open interaction windows Fixed a bug where item serialization was breaking, fixes undefined behaviour bugs in item and ui systems Item Namers are now stackable Added default assets back to SDK and updated them View the full update entry
  12. [Guide] Rust Experimental Server

    What you are saying is really beautiful, And your way to be part of the community, Is join the CGS Discord server, be active and get to know Shady, and KahunaElGrande, Im also not part of the community, And i have a battlrfield server already made, But i need to make it cracked, So I joined the discord too. You can br a great owner, I belive in you <3 Join the discord here: https://www.crackedgameservers.com/community/discordcommunity.html/
  13. The VIP/donator kit have been changed on the server and website check it out > https://www.patreon.com/uberrust
  14. Server Wiped! Last Wipe: 18.03.2018 Next Wipe: 25.03.2018 play fair and have a nice Game!
  15. for what? you can add clan name at start on your name and for disable friendlyfire you can use "/addfriend" we have enought plugins to much plugins do lags
  16. [Guide] Rust Experimental Server

    As I can be part of the community, what happens is that there are a lot of abusive administrators and moderators and I want to make one where the rules are valid, not where if you kill one and you are hacked and if they kill you, you are noob or if you write in a chat in another language they mutate the truth that is my anger tell me if you can help me
  17. Yo why are we banned for nothing ? Wth. we just started and We got banned. we werent using any hacks.
  18. Server fixed and full wiped connect reverse.zapto.org:28015 connect reverse.zapto.org:28015
  19. Ur server is shit. banned for nothing ? i own clan HYDRAS ! I wasnt hacking im DeadlySkeeter and you banned meh ? Fuck your little fucking faggot
  20. I am playing on cracked rust, I don't have the real one But my name is NwoDog on the server
  21. Heya, can we like get a clan plugin on this server, I want to create a clan so my friends can play along
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