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  4. Legion Main has wiped. Have a great weekend! Please report any issues on Help Desk / Discord.
  5. Hi Hurtworldians, Tonight we have a small hotfix to resolve a few issues with last nights patch around item context menus in other languages and some other improvements. Full Changelog Players spawning from sleepers now perform a quick check for overlapping Deployables (eg. C4), if any are found the player will be killed Improved physics simulation performance by reducing unnecessary collisions Fixed item context menu for non-english languages Frozen steaks apply a frozen effect once again Added tooltip information for consumable items View the full update entry
  6. Our official Domain has been updated to New merchandise is now for sale!!! Donations are now accepted. you can also connect to our server now using client.connect
  7. Hi Hurtworldians, This week we have a small patch fleshing out customization options for the Pistol, bringing back the fridge, realtime information on item transitions like steaks going off, along with a balance pass and bug fixes in various systems. Enjoy! Full Changelog: Added phase red dot sight for Beretta 9mm Added shush and quash silencers for Beretta 9mm Added masks for the Beretta 9mm The Beretta 9mm can now be recolored Mask items can now implement multiple mask types (ie. There is now 1 veil mask item that can apply to the AR15, AWM or Beretta 9mm) Mask gear (eg. Chemsuit mask) can now be renamed Added new invisible vanity items for a naked look that can be run in the visual override slots The fridge has returned and can be crafted from the tritanium workbench Lots more localization fixes Fixed bugs in slot offsets, inventories should be stable again Fixed sleepers having the wrong storage config assigned causing serialization problems Added new transitions panel to item tooltips Fragment tooltips are now generated procedurally Rare yetis now drop more loot Air drops and town events in the starting desert have a reduced loot pool so beginner players wont receive irrelevant items and others are encouraged to push into further biomes Removed weak and strong string from the game, replaced in crafting costs with animal tendon Reduced Ultranium spawns in red desert and Mondinium spawns in the snow Reduced wood log cost in storage chest recipe (40 -> 25) Reduced wood log cost in sign recipe (40 -> 20) Changed the item coloring window's lighting to be closer to in game lighting Fixed sighted FPS position for AWM red dot vista sight (gun and sight are more zoomed out with this sight attached) Fixed rad bors not appearing properly Removed PVE armor fragments Added melee add mega mine power fragment to tier 3 fragments Added melee add mega chop power fragment to tier 3 fragments [SDK] the ItemOnUseEventHandler will now use all IItemComponentUseables found on an item instead of just the first View the full update entry
  8. RustExperimentalCommunity Update 185

    [] Lots of water builds and bases, mods, and more. View Post[] View the full update Entry
  9. (aCw) Resurrection Oxide 2.0 PVP Researchable research kits are back

    Also for those of you who don't know, Revezunds is a member of aCw staff and is safe to talk to about any ban concerns.
  10. (aCw) Resurrection Oxide 2.0 PVP Researchable research kits are back

    If you have been banned please remain calm and do not get upset with me I am sorry for the inconvenience. If an admin came and spoke to you and asked you to jump or anything please come to TeamSpeak or our website and speak with that admin directly before commenting. I do come and check all the post every few days. If an admin did not come and speak to you and you were banned at random please remain calm we have an anti-hack and sometimes it dose bug and can ban players for various reasons. If this is the case please post here with your in game name, your steamID and the last thing you were doing before you were banned. If you do not fallow this to the letter or if you are rude and are uncivil you will not be replied to and your post may be removed. Kind regards aCw Gaming
  11. Updated all stack sizes to 999,999.
  12. HurtworldHurtworld Dev Blog #127

    Hi Hurtworldians! In this weeks dev update we check out the progress on the next version of mangatang, the pistol red dot and new tooltip data for item transitions. Check out the full update here: the full update entry
  13. Server Wiped! Last Wipe: 21.05.2018 Next Wipe: 28.05.2018 have a nice Game and play fair!
  14. if dedust will be the arena for pvp that will be amazing
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