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  4. Currently 25/100 players online. Next Wipe Dates: 21/03/2019 (in 3 days) then on 04/04/2019.
  5. Server Wiped! Last Wipe: 18.03.2019 Next Wipe: 25.03.2019 play fair and have a nice game!
  7. 1. Download Steamcmd [Download] 2.Open Steamcmd And Type 3. Installing Oxide 3.1. (Download The Latest Version) 3.2. Extract The Oxide Files Into rustserver/RustDedicated_Data/Managed 4. Cracking Assembly-CSharp.dll 4.1. Download DnSpy [Download] 4.2. Open dnSpy.exe 4.3. Open Assembly-CSharp.dll with dnSpy 4.4. Assembly-CSharp.dll/Rust then click on Defines 4.5. Right click and click on Edit Class (c#) 4.6. Change appID from 252490u to 480u 4.7. Click Compile And Save 5. Making A Start/Batch File Right click/New/Text Document Call it : Start.bat 5.1. Right click on it : Edit 5.2. * required RustDedicated.exe * -batchmode * +server.port 28015 * you can change it +server.level "Procedural Map" you can change it to Procedural Map | Barren | HapisIsland | SavasIsland | SavasIsland_koth +server.maxplayers 5 you can change this false * without this you won't be able to join +server.encryption 0 * without this you won't be able to join +server.worldsize 2500 (2000-6000) +server.seed 3451212 change this to the desired seed or just put random numbers You can find more at After doing that your batch file should look something like this 6. Start the server using start.bat 7. To connect to your server open console (F1/F3) type: connect localhost:<port> ENJOY
  8. Earlier today I couldn't connect to 3x just like on 10x... Did you guys fix your shit?
  9. aCw Gaming Oxide server has been wiped fully fresh start for Everyone changelog Airdrops have to been adjusted, some lootables has been nerfed from Rad towns, No more only food and building materials Airdrop have all kind of guns and all airdrops are worth going for. We aim to bring back the nostalgia of OG Rust legacy back, and hence on request of many players server loot is a bit adjusted. Not pure vanilla but yeh Hardcore server. Download client Server IP: net.connect DISCORD HAPPY GAMING!!
  10. aCw Gaming Rustbuster server has been wiped fully fresh start for Everyone changelog Airdrops have been adjusted, some lootables has been nerfed from Rad towns, Now you can find Kavalar in Airdrops too. Duel system- Now you can challenge your friend or enemy to have a duel or 1v1 with command /duel "player name" Decay System: A new decays system has been added to the server, now there will be no more 50 k objects saved, decay system make sure if you are inactive for more then 5 days your base and placable objects starts decaying it helps player and server both by keeping server clean of abandoned homes and buildings and players get better FPS Raid announcer: Raid announcer has been added in a system which gives a message once someone starts raiding a base. so now there are more chances of counter raids while in the raid. Home teleport: the time between teleports to home is reduced from 5 to 3 minutes and also teleport time is increased 10seconds i.e from 20 seconds to 30 seconds Enjoy the Wipe Happy gaming
  11. Legion Main has wiped! Have a great weekend. Please report any issues via Help Desk / Discord.Legion Main has wiped! Have a great weekend. Please report any issues via Help Desk / Discord.
  12. Server has been wiped Ask questions or get help at:
  13. Sad that u never have own ideas ! But atleast u credit us.
  14. Our upcomming engine wil have a new way of broadcasting messages, instead of in chat we now bring a image upon your screen (Original idea by @TheRealGhosT from NorthenRust) Example:
  15. Server is wiped and updated to[The Oil Rig Update!] v2155, Happy Gaming!
  16. Hey Hurtworldians, Along with the wipe we've got a quick hotfix patch for you tonight to settle down some of the more serious tether bugs whilst we work on a more comprehensive fix as part of our Unity 2018 upgrade. Tethers will now snap when exceeding their new force limit which should prevent vehicles flying off at crazy directions when the tether finds itself trying to enforce an impossible to fit constraint. This wipe is optional for community servers. Additionally EAC should now work correctly for all platforms. As always the 'oldversion' beta branch has been set to so you can continue to play on community servers that have not updated yet. Have fun! Changelog Tethers now break when exceeding their force limit All vehicle types are now destroyed when failing their 'out of bounds' check Fixed a null reference issue in the crash system EAC should now load correctly on Mac and Linux clients View the full update entry
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  18. Currently uberrust is in his maintenance mode becaus we are making our verry own custom client with cool stuff included So you may experience some hackers and lag atm becaus im putting all my free time in the ragnarok engine Sorry for the trouble Btw join our discord so you get informed about every single change/update
  19. Fixed a whole bunch of bugs. Including challenge plugin Also have new PM plugin. Check /help for more info.
  20. very low anticheat full hacker very lag please better
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