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  2. Hi Hurtworldians, We just pushed out a quick server only hotfix for some creature spawn issues and missing Airdrops. Yeti's and Clay were the worst affected and should be fixed now. No client update required. Happy Hunting!View the full update entry
  3. Yesterday
  4. Hi Hurtworldians! Tonight we have the long awaited Island Hopper content update which brings a ton of things that have been in the works for a long time. Biggest features include the expansion of Nullius to include various exotic islands some of which can be claimed fought over and claimed, others with challenging farming routes and big rewards. To make room for the islands, we have scaled down the main island of Nullius by 25%, we think this improves the feel of the map a ton also, making it much more tightly packed. Less running more gunning. The Mozzy helicopter now has some serious teeth with the addition of hornet rocket pods coming in 3 flavours: Mining, Combat and Raiding rockets. Rapidly speed up your farming routes by sniping resource nodes with mining rockets or blast away your enemies bases with the mega powerful (and expensive) raiding rockets. Expect to see some unfamiliar faces on the islands as we roll out 6! new creatures with new loot and combat mechanics. Be careful... these guys are made to be a very tough challenge to even experienced players. In the meantime we've also added a ton of bug fixes and quality of life updates. See the change log for full details. This patch requires a wipe on all servers. As we are wiping on a Tuesday we will extend this wipe cycle until the 4th of July. Happy hunting amigos! Change LogAdded many new islands to Nullius map Scaled mailand nullius down by 25% Added Skoogler Creature Re-added Antor hive with Antor Creatures Added Bandril Creature Re-added thornling Creature Added Sabra creatire Added Rafaga creature Added Rocket pods attachment for Mozzy Added 3 types of rockets (Mining, Combat and Raiding) Added Iron Door Added Iron Garage Door Added Iron Floor Added new teir of workbench: Fabricator Added new metal Galvanite Added Galvanite Pickaxe Rebalanced how campfires work to not overheat you as much Updated lighting in green biome Added SAM sites around the map that fire at any occupied Mozzy where the pilot doesn't own the cell its in Reduced the restrictions on territory control points heavily. Lockout is disabled, anything can now be built on them including beds and machines. Lastly nobuild surrounding them has been removed (might need to tweak this) Extended territory control ownership system on islands to claim the entire island (and control of the SAM sites), he who controls the territory controls the whole island.View the full update entry
  5. Hi Hurtworldians! We just dropped a new extended cut trailer for the Island Hopper Update with a much more in depth look at all the gameplay features new and old in the Hurtworld universe! Please spread the love and share it around <3 Patch is on its way, just putting the final touches on it now. ETA: 1 hourView the full update entry
  6. Make sure you don't change it in smartsteamemu,ini, change it in \7 Days To Die\7DaysToDie_Data\Plugins\SteamConfig.ini .. This is when IGGAMEs still reuploads our client if not then no idea. Just download the client from our website-
  7. Server is Online, you can open Rustbuster and find the server in list Northern RUST. and if it is down it will be for a while just for maintenance Here is Discord you should join and get all details of server and community updates Discord:
  8. Yes the server is active and it works , It's just for few weeks the server is converted into a Full PvP Warzone server . to know more info join their discord here and you can ask anything related to the server and community Discord:
  9. Devlog 5 June 2019 Changelog : Server is ONLINE Finally we are finished with our BIGGEST modification ever ! Sorry guys that it took almost 3 days to finish all, but u will see that it is worth it ! We worked like 3 days without any break and we tested all possible bugs and stuff like that, and we have ZERO errors so far. So it is IMPORTANT for me that u all read this changelog so we can prevent further questions which are not needed. Ok guys, so below u can find all changes: - Skull Island added: If u are ingame, u will see a huge sland with a Skull on it, there are animals to kill and also u can find some resources on it. There is the new entrance for the sewer too. Also u can build on this island ! - Caves added: There is a new terrain where you can find some buildings and also the caves ! The caves are huge as fuck and it will take some time till u know all areas in the caves. U can farm ores and animals too in the caves. OFC u can build ur bases inside of the caves. - New islands: There are also new islands on the map, so claim your building areas before someone other will do. - Mountains on the map: In all mountains u can find on the map, there are huge areas inside, where u can build ur base or even a village. Also the Biggest Rust mountain in the middle of the map has an entrance now 😉 - Airdrop Towers: There are 5 Towers on the map (Red/White ones) , if u stand close to them a message will pop up and u are able to call an airdrop. No one will see the location where the airdrop will be spawned, but every player will hear a female voice if the tower was activated. Once a tower was activated, u cant activate the tower again, u need to wait 1.5 hours, if another player try to activate the already activated one, he also need to wait and look for another tower which was not activated already. - HelicopterMusic deactivated: Because of the Airdrop Towers, we dont longer provide a heli music, cause this would be annoying if multiple towers are activated. But ofc u can hear the engine sounds. - Auto Deactivating Spawnables: We added some code which deactivate the rendering of custom objects like turrets and stuff. So the bug that u are seeing the turrets before the building was rendered is fixed ! This will also give a lot of more fps ! - Lags on high objects count on the map: This shit is also fixed ! So even if we have a high objects count, the server wont lag ! This will give us longer wipe cycles 😉 - Animal Spawn and Resources Spawn on Custom Terrains: On all custom terrains, caves and stuff like this, there will spawn animals and resources every 10 mins ! So if we restart the server once , the animals and resources will spawn after 10 mins. This does not count for the original Animals and Resources, they spawn like before. - Building on Custom terrains: On all custom terrains you are able to build ur bases and stuff, there are no limitations ! Custom terrain are acting always like the original terrain ! - Smaller Rust Map: The original RustLegacy terrain is now 2/3 smaller than before ! Also we removed like 2000 unused trees in the nomans-lands ! This gives a lot of more fps ! Also u dont need to walk like 4 hours to find someones bases. But dont think that u cant build far away, you still can build far outside, but in a different way ! - Bugged loot in the sewer: This is fixed now ! - How to reach the islands ???: Ofc with a parachute, just check out a high spot from where u can sail to the islands 😉 - Keycards A,B,C and C1: They are not longer used at the moment, so if u find them, u can throw them out of ur inventory. In the future we will add some doors where u will need them, but not on this wipe! -BANNED PLAYERS: READ CAREFULLY: We never forget, we never forgive,.....But sometimes it is time to forgive so i decided the following: ALL PLAYERS ARE UNBANNED NOW , IT DOESNT MATTER IF U OFFENDED THE STAFF,IF U HACKED or IF U USED SCRIPTS ! U are UNBANNED ! BUT KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS IS MY LAST TRY TO BRING U GUYS INTO THE RIGHT DIRECTION ! DONT ACT LIKE A SHITHEAD, PLAY FAIR, RESPECT EACH OTHER, RESPECT THE STAFF AND DONT DO SHIT, if u follow this, all will be fine ! IF NOT, WE NEVER UNBAN U AGAIN, SO IT IS YOUR CHOICE TO CHANGE UR MINDS ! GreetZ GhosT
  10. Last week
  11. Every time i try to join i get into the game, it says kicked for invalid username, ive changed it in the registry but it keeps changing back to "IGGGAMES." can anyone help??
  12. Hey guys, can anyone send me a link for google drive download on the latest Rust? When I want to download it through Knights Table, it says I must allow notifications... When I allow it, it will still say the same...Hey guys, can anyone send me a link for google drive download on the latest Rust? When I want to download it through Knights Table, it says I must allow notifications... When I allow it, it will still say the same...
  13. you can download our client at our discord server
  14. How do i update game to play ???😀😀😀😀😀😀😀BTW ITS CRACKED!!!
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