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Does my server meet the minimum requirements

A: All servers must meet the minimum requirements to be approved. (Some exceptions apply)

Here is a list of Requirements:

  • Server MUST respond to a steam query. (Some exceptions apply)
  • Server MUST be publicly accessible from IP:PORT without any need for additional software. (i.e: Hamachi and other tunneling software or VPN)
  • Server MUST be a game we support. Additional games can be added upon request, Just message @KahunaElGrande or @MidasTouch for details.
  • Server MUST NOT condone hacking, scripting, or cheating that would ruin the experience for other players.
  • Server game version MUST NOT be more then 3 updates/dev-blogs behind. (Some exceptions apply)
  • Server MUST be cracked and allows cracked players.
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