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What is the minimum requirements for a post

A: Along with needed to match the server minimum requirements you must also meet the requirements for a post.

Here is a list of post requirements:

  • Post MUST be in English to the best of your ability. (Non English can be posted below the English content)
  • Post MUST be unique and not copied and pasted from another topic. (Posts with matching content like images layout and text will be removed)
  • Duplicate posts will be removed.
  • Post MUST NOT contain and direct links to Warez, Torrents, Pirated software. Download sites such as, count as direct links
  • Post title MUST be formatted with the following format. [GAME_UPDATE_VERSION] SERVER_NAME - INFO_TAGS
    • Example1: [v2112] CGS Rust - OxideMod | TP | Homes | Rewards | Events
    • Example2: [DB 136] Hurt4Fun - Vanilla
    • Example3: [1.3.4] Prism - Fake | News
  • Post title MUST NOT contain any links or call to action words like BEST ANTI-CHEAT
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