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  2. If it comes to that just ban him as the usual stuff with the other guys. He is currently registering fake "meshbet" accounts. I have issued a DMCA takedown against him, I will also send you a copyright claim today.
  3. Be the bigger man in all situations creating/fueling drama will get you nowhere
  4. I was thinking of buying some plugins but like which ones?
  5. Quote Ice: "That c-anticheat and admincompanion was not ment to be leaked it got copied with dumps.rar for some reason" WTF i think u dont realize your own lies or ? You believe your own lies eh ? You cant muck around to everyone ! As i already said above "I know u come now with fake excuses like u ever do" , you are a joke full of lies ! Everyone can ask andrew102 , about , so stop continue with your lies ! And u cant leak any of the new Plugins, because its not possible for you to dump them, so again a lie. And the dislikes of the video are only because of the few guys which still with you , 150 views, 8 dislikes, yeah thats a good result ! Why u just wont stop to lie on and on, no one will have problems with u if u stop to lie about near everything. Anyways this was my last post in your fake server thread, you are not worth it.
  6. you still think i care a little about any of you? That c-anticheat and admincompanion was not ment to be leaked it got copied with dumps.rar for some reason the video got already more dislikes then likes so you see people dont care and dont believe i love how you made ragnarok code public xddd now all your 2.0 wil be public to Succes on nutbuster aka abolabuster
  7. but you should buy some plugins for rust and then the server will be way better haha
  8. Plugin Skins don't work on cracked server ?
  9. Hey Ice ! I didn´t want to write here in your thread, but as i saw that u wrote that we "fake" stuff, i need to answer you ! You do not get the reality anymore, right? You wrote " None wil believe these shitty lies video anyway " right ? We already exposed all messy stuff which u have done to almost every server owner ! If the players don´t believe, I INVITE ALL GUYS to Fougerite Discord , its not only me which know about you, ALL owners and players know about you. The stuff in the video are ALL facts, not lies, we dont manipulate pictures like u OR your buddys did. All proofs can be downloaded ! You cheat not only to almost all communitys, you cheat on your own players too ! You hype them with empty promises on and on. Now u are spreading and leaking expensive plugins from Copper ! Come on, what have Copper to do with all your shit and lies ? U involve innocent people ! Now u tell again lies to ur players: You cant protect your Ragnarok lie with dmca , cause it is and it stays RAC/RustProtect ! Your code was fully leaked, and the reason why u remove Ragnarok now , is only cause everyone can see all the stolen stuff in the code now ! If it were REALLY protected by DMCA you would NEVER remove it ! I know u come now with fake excuses like u ever do, but the time is over where people believe every lie from you. Also your channel AUTISM BASEMENT on your discord is a lie , because u only post all the stuff which salva and me said, but u never post the WHOLE conversation ! So there is no context. Post the WHOLE stuff, but u dont do, because all players would agree to salva and me ! Why u dont post ur threats about my son, like this what u wrote in Rework Discord: "I know where ur son is going to school"? or "Better you need to find a new house"? Eh, ICECOLD why u dont post this ??? Now to the main thing which i wanted to say, you wrote " None wil believe these shitty lies video anyway " They already did ! 150 views in less than 24 hours, if only 10% of the viewers belive it, we succeded ! I dont care if only 5 people will believe it, the main thing is that this 5 people wont get betrayed by u anymore ! And that u leak Coppers stuff will cause very bad problems for u ! In my opinion u are a shame for all rust legacy players and for all communitys ! If i were the admin from cgs, you would be banned for lifetime because of what u did ! GreetZ GhosT
  10. It`s all true, also at the end of the video it shows if you need any more proof send a email to the email address ! So if people don`t believe they can email for more proof.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Update: - buildings removed again it's to laggy if they rendering we added more Red Animals at: - Next Valley - Beach (Coast Valley) - Between Next Valley and Big Rad Town - Between Hangar and Tanks - Hacker Valley Middle Fix: - now players cant take equip. from arena to outside
  13. Here is a cool link about this server and the lies / betrayals he has done to people.
  14. Last week
  15. Server Wiped! Last Wipe: 22.04.2019 Next Wipe: 29.04.2019 Update: New Buildings and Loot Locations added.
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