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    I found "+server.encryption 0" on command line or server.encryption 0 in server.cfg fixed the "decrypt" null ref disconnect error for me, i have also had some success using smartsteamemu with the lifesupport plugin, no steam required on local LAN. though i only ran around for a bit, game loads to slow for me unfortunately. ps: sse worked with unmodded client and unmodded server ie straight steam files I did not use the "space war" spoof on LAN Kryon: "you don't know what you don't know"
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    U only need RustBuster to play !!! Welcome to the Absolom Universe !! AbsolomRust is a real new way to play RustLegacy! Please forget those times were you need to fight with anoying or weird admins, absolom is ADMINFREE! The most stuff is working in the background, also we use RustBuster. AbsolomRust is not only a new server, absolom is a new universe in the RustLegacy scene. Absolom is a prison planet, and u need to survive there! SURVIVE is the right word, cause we don't like megaloot or megagather! If u want a survival game, you need our server! We build many custom stuff and scenes: New animated Radtowns, eastereggs, new water shit,airports, new loot positions,spaceships,meteorites (hurting u), moving platforms, eventmaps , cities in the sky which u can rent and many many other stuff!!! So if u want to enjoy a whole new rust,.....just join us ! FEATURES: New Radtowns , IngameMap , Animations , New Lightmapping , New Water , Particle Effects , Meteorites (!) , Flying Spaceships , New Loot Positions , Lot of Custom Objects , Real working portals, event maps , Waterfalls and many many more ! Just watch our Release Trailer above If u look for some special and new stuff, try our server ! I promise, it will be an epic experience ! U only need RustBuster to play !!! Our Discord : You can watch our server showcases here: Server IP: Commands: /starter = small starter kit /destroy = enter destroy/remove mode /sethome = set up ur home /tpa = teleport stuff come on guys, you know the rest of the basic commands, for all other commands just click INFO ingame. Infos: We have a nice hardware, so there should be no lags. If you have problems or u can´t connect, just join our discord and we will help you ! Rules: You know the rules, just stay friendly, don´t hack and everything is fine ! If i see any kind of racism or insulting = PermaBan ! AboutMe: Some of you know me from the past, i am GhosT , the old owner of NorthernRust and RockWarZ / RockWarZ Platoon And yes, i am back and i stay ! I hope you all like the new server and the new stuff. Have Fun ! U only need RustBuster to play !!! GreetZ GhosT
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    General Info: Server Adress: net.connect (or direct ip adress net.connect Name: Rustland Host: Germany, Frankfurt Auto-Restart: Every 2 Hours. Rust Legacy Client: Download (if you can't connect try normal Rust Legacy v25 Client) Mod: Oxide 2.0 Last Wipe: 18.07.2018 Next Wipe: 25.07.2018 Auto-Airdrop: Every 30 Minutes. Gather: x4 Loot: Megaloot Sleepers: true InstantCraft: true FallDamage: false Owner/Admin/Mod: phlex [Owner] Butters [Admin] Pogo [Admin] Watch Dogs [Admin] AntiCheat: AntiGlitch: Auto Kit, Amount: Unlimited Cloth Helmet, Amount: 1 Cloth Vest, Amount: 1 Cloth Pants, Amount: 1 Cloth Boots, Amount: 1 P250, Amount: 1 9MM Ammo, Amount: 50 Pick Axe, Amount: 1 Hatchet, Amount: 1 Anti Radition-Pills, Amount: 15 Large Medkit, Amount: 5 Cooked Chicken Breast, Amount: 15 Home Kit, Amount: 1 Wood Foundation, Amount: 1 Wood Pillar, Amount: 4 Wood Wall, Amount: 3 Wood Doorway, Amount: 1 Wood Ceilling, Amount: 1 Metal Door, Amount: 1 Workbench, Amount: 1 Furnace, Amount: 1 Large Wood Storage, Amount: 1 Camp Fire, Amount: 1 Medkit Kit, Cooldown: 120 Seconds, Amount: Unlimited Large Medkit, Amount: 5 Player Commands: /rules /report (need 3 Report's) /tpr "Name" - send teleport request to xxx. /tpa - accept a teleport request. /tpc - cancel a teleport request. /sethome "Name", Amount: 3 - Set A Home. /sethome remove "Name" - For Remove A Home Point. /home "Name" - Teleport Home. /share "Name" - Share With Your Friend Your Doors. /addfriend "Name" - For Deactivate Friendlyfire. /unfriend "Name" - Delete Someone From Your Friendlist. /players /kit /location /pm "Name" "Message" - Private Message /r "Message" - Answer Your Last Private Message. /remove /showdamage - Activate/Deactivate Popup Damage Message. /fps - For Get More Fps. /history - Chathistory. /object - Example: /object "Foundation" /infodate "Name" - Last Seen. /chat.on - Chat Activated. / - Chat Deactivated. /ahelp - Commands for Arena. Rank Commands: /rank - View Your Rank Stats. /rstats - View Your Stats. /top - View Toplists. /top "pvp" /kitlist - See Kits/Items. /buykit - Buy A Kit. Info Commands: /lastwipe /nextwipe /hp - for see our Homepage. Rank Kit's: "AirdropParty" - Kit, Needed: 30 Point's Supply, Amount: 1 "FullKevlar" - Kit, Needed: 20 Point's Kevlar Helmet, Amount: 1 Kevlar Vest, Amount: 1 Kevlar Pants, Amount: 1 Kevlar Boots, Amount: 1 M4, Amount: 1 Bolt Action Rifle, Amount: 1 Holo sight, Amount: 2 Silencer, Amount: 2 556 Ammo, Amount: 500 Cooked Chicken Breast, Amount: 50 Large Medkit's, Amount: 10 "FullLeather" - Kit, Needed: 10 Point's Leather Helmet, Amount: 1 Leather Vest, Amount: 1 Leather Pants, Amount: 1 Leather Boots, Amount: 1 M4, Amount: 1 Bolt Action Rifle, Amount: 1 Holo sight, Amount: 2 Silencer, Amount: 2 556 Ammo, Amount: 500 Cooked Chicken Breast, Amount: 50 Large Medkit's, Amount: 10 "Materials" - Kit, Needed: 15 Point's Wood Planks, Amount: 250 Low Quality Metal, Amount: 250 "RaidHelp" - Kit, Needed: 25 Point's Explosive Charge, Amount: 2 F1 Grenade, Amount: 15 Rules: Don't Glitch In Objects. (Example: Rock's, Foundation's, Ramp's, Bear's or Furnace's.) Don't Use Superjump Glitches On ObjectΓÇÖs. (Example: Large Wood Storage, Wood Gateway or Alt+Enter.) Don't Hide Your Loot In Objects. (Example: Foundation's, Ramp's, Pillar's or Rock's.) You Should Respect Admins And Mods. Don't Ask A Admin Or Mod For Items. Don't Do Advert For Another Server. Build Size: 6x6x8. Don't Place Shelter Or Another Objects In Front Of The Door. (Wood Barricades Allowed) Don't Spam Teleport Requests. Racism Or Prejudice Of Any Kind Will Not Be Tolerated. Don't Use Bugs and Hacks. Don't Spam At Chat. Don't stack More Than 2 Ramps. Rock/Unraidable Bases Are Not Allowed. Don't Write In Color. Don't Ask Admins / Mods For Promote. Unbantool's are not allowed. (Instant Ban) Don't Build At Arena. Don't Abuse Our Report System.
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    Is this server online or not seen no posts for over a month not if so please let us know thankyou
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    Heard the developer of that plugin is a asshole

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