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    Server Informations Reverse Server has been founded in July 2016 Our community is very friendly There are admins spectacting gameplay resulting less to 0 cheaters Active playerbase Weekly Trivia with rewards Great server performance Server hosted in Europe Plugins Kits Starter House Daily Premium Premium+ Premium Features /sil /silt /kit premium handyman[increased range of repair] halved countdown[home/tpr] homes increased to 3 Premium+ Features /sil /silt /kit premium+ /up-/down[whole base upgradable with a command] halved countdown[home/tpr] homes increased to 3 /skin[Access to all the approved skins from the market for FREE] connect
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    Admin can u help me?? i got banned from ur sever i really dont use hack cheat please rep me
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    This is a new server for french and english players Join us Open your console (default F1) and type: connect If you got an error download our client DOWNLOAD RUST CRACKED dev 200 on our web site WEBSITE: !IMPORTANT! Run the game with RustClient.exe NOT Rust.exe !IMPORTANT! MAP LIVE Plugins IN-GAME: RemoverTool Clans Kits LustyMap DeathNotes NTeleportation ZLevelsRemastered Backpacks Friends ItemSkinRandomizer Furnace Splitter EasyAirdrop Economics GUIShop Gyrocopter HeliControl HitIcon HumanNPC InfoPanel Jail MoneyTime PrivateMessage QuickSmelt SimpleLoot Skins SkipNightUI SignArtist WheresMyCorpse AdminRadar AutomaticAuthorization ColouredNames GatherManager InventoryViewer MagazinBoost OfflineDoors PlayerList PlayerReport RockBlock SkipNightUI Spectate StackSizeController UiPlus Vanish WarpSystem Waypoints WeatherController Commands list IN-GAME: RemoverTool : /remove (Remove Tool) Kits : /kit starter and /kit house Backpacks : /backpack (To open an extra backpack) Friends : /friends (Displays your friends list and essential usage instructions) /addfriend NAME (Adds a player to your friends) /removefriend NAME (Removes a player from your friends) /fm|f MESSAGE (Broadcasts a message to all of your friends) /pm|m "NAME" MESSAGE (Sends a private message to the specified player) /rm|r MESSAGE (Replies to the last message received) Skins : /skin (Open the menu to change the skin of your item) Clans : /clan (Gives you command about the clan plugin) /c Message (Sends a message to all clan members) /clan create (Creates a new clan) /clan join (Join a clan if you have a invite) /clan leave (Leave you current clan) Clan moderator: /clan invite (Invite a player to join your clan) /clan kick (Kick a player from your clan) Clan moderator: /clan promote Name (Promote a clan member to clan moderator) /clan demote Name (Demote a clan moderator to clan member) /clad disband (Disband your clan) NTeleportation : /tpr (Sends a teleport request to the player.) /tpa (Accepts an incoming teleport request.) /sethome "Name" (Saves your current position as the location name.) /listhomes (Shows you a list of all the locations you have saved.) /removehome "Name" (Removes the location of your saved homes.) /home "Name" (Teleports you to the home location.) /town (Teleports yourself to town.) SignArtist : /sil Download the image from the url to the server and display it on the sign you are currently looking at. WheresMyCorpse : /where On respawn, or when a player types /where, an arrow with distance (meters) is displayed for the player showing them where their corpse was last seen.

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