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    Here is a cool link about this server and the lies / betrayals he has done to people.
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    It`s all true, also at the end of the video it shows if you need any more proof send a email to the email address ! So if people don`t believe they can email for more proof.
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    The BEST Legacy servers right now. Fully dedicated machine / online 24/7 Our very own AntiCheat client! AntiCheat / Game Download - Legion Rust Website FShield Website Legion Rust Discord Legion Rust Steam Group Legion Rust Twitter Legion Main wipes every Friday @ 3:00pm EST. LegionRust has been around for 4 years and provides the best experience guaranteed. We offer servers across the board that are all fully dedicated, fast, and reliable with the most advanced client / server side AntiCheat's, as well as the most advanced plugins in game stopping game breaking exploits. Common commands in our servers: (See /help for my details once in server) '/rules' '/kit' '/claim' (for donors) '/discord' '/teamspeak' '/raidalert' '/tpr [name]' '/tpc' '/sethome' '/sethome remove [name]' '/hpc' '/remove' '/share [name]' (use their steam id if they're offline) '/unshare [name]' (use /share list and use their steam id if they're offline) '/players' '/pm [name]' '/r' '/ignore [name]' '/unignore [name]' '/death on or off' '/popups on or off' '/stats' '/leaderboard' '/location' '/ping' '/playtime' '/fps' '/die' '/wipe' ' in console' Server Specs: We currently have a dedicated machine located in New York City, North America. New York City, North America: Intel Xeon E3-1271v3 processor (four physical 3.6ghz cores on QPI + hyperthreading + turbo->4.0ghz) 32 GB DDR3 -1600 ECC memory 240 GB SSD and 2TB, 7200 RPM SATA hard drive 1GB symmetrical speeds 36TB of bandwidth transfer This machine hosts LegionRust Main, LegionRust JMPVP, and Teamspeak.
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    We also added over 20 new blueprints to the game ! This is only the "Short" list ? net.connect U NEED RUSTBUSTER 2 PLAY : Check also our YouTube Channel : New Cratftables We added over 20 new and craftable items ! All with blueprints New Resources Copper, Ironshards, ElektronicJunk and Batteries added ! You need them to craft the most new stuff like machines and weapons. New Blueprints We added over 20 new Blueprints New Gamechanging and unique items Landmines: You need to find the blueprint for it. If u craft a landmine, u can place them on the ground. U can place max 10 mines ! If one of them is exploded, u can place another one. U will get a message if one of your mines is detonated. Metal Barricades: Once u craft them, u can place them like the normal ones, but they get destroyed after 3 mins. Also they are undestroyable by a player, only the timer destroys them after 3 mins. You will like them cause u can watch through a small window while u are hidding. Healing Station: U can craft and place a Healing Station in your base ! If u get hurt or u are bleeding, you can stand infront of your machine, and it will stops bleeding, also it give u 1 hp each second. BUT if u place more than one machine , it will heal u a lot faster ! Also it gives u up to 200hp Raid Flag: Wanna troll an enemy a bit ? U can leave this flag in anyones base if u raided them. The enemy can destroy this flag ofc. !!! Respawn Flag!!! Unique feature on NorthernRust, once u placed this flag where ever u want, u always spawn to this flag if u die ! U can only place one flag ! If u want to place another one, u need to destroy the first one ! Parachute Fully reworked Parachute added, looks very nice We added a lot more, check the pics below Performance Improvements We have now the best performance ever ! 4g3v and me have done a lot to bring u the best fps, even on potatoe machines ! 3 new options in the performance module added. New Shop and Currency System added You can check them in our trailer. ATM Cash Machines added New Destroy System ./destroyc is a new command on northern. It activates the new destroy system. For now we only use it on our custom stuff to remove. For the normal stuff we still use ./destroy. If u use ./destroyc , u only need to look at the object which u want to remove and hit the left mouse button, with the right mouse u leave the CustomDestroyMode. New Airdrop animation and call system Unique Graphic Multi Announce System We dont longer use chat messages to announce something, we use graphics at the top of the screen now. This prefends spam in chat and also it is looking great. net.connect
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    yes, I read that. I didn't need to post a new topic as the answer to that was already here, I asked my question in one of the other forum/subjects/questions whatever you would call it. Sorry if I wasn't supposed to comment, I thought that it suggested being active in the community was a positive thing. (requirement) So I was doing that.

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