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  1. Hi Hurtworldians, Tonight we have a small hotfix to resolve a few issues with last nights patch around item context menus in other languages and some other improvements. Full Changelog Players spawning from sleepers now perform a quick check for overlapping Deployables (eg. C4), if any are found the player will be killed Improved physics simulation performance by reducing unnecessary collisions Fixed item context menu for non-english languages Frozen steaks apply a frozen effect once again Added tooltip information for consumable items View the full update entry
  2. Hi Hurtworldians, This week we have a small patch fleshing out customization options for the Pistol, bringing back the fridge, realtime information on item transitions like steaks going off, along with a balance pass and bug fixes in various systems. Enjoy! Full Changelog: Added phase red dot sight for Beretta 9mm Added shush and quash silencers for Beretta 9mm Added masks for the Beretta 9mm The Beretta 9mm can now be recolored Mask items can now implement multiple mask types (ie. There is now 1 veil mask item that can apply to the AR15, AWM or Beretta 9mm) Mask gear (eg. Chemsuit mask) can now be renamed Added new invisible vanity items for a naked look that can be run in the visual override slots The fridge has returned and can be crafted from the tritanium workbench Lots more localization fixes Fixed bugs in slot offsets, inventories should be stable again Fixed sleepers having the wrong storage config assigned causing serialization problems Added new transitions panel to item tooltips Fragment tooltips are now generated procedurally Rare yetis now drop more loot Air drops and town events in the starting desert have a reduced loot pool so beginner players wont receive irrelevant items and others are encouraged to push into further biomes Removed weak and strong string from the game, replaced in crafting costs with animal tendon Reduced Ultranium spawns in red desert and Mondinium spawns in the snow Reduced wood log cost in storage chest recipe (40 -> 25) Reduced wood log cost in sign recipe (40 -> 20) Changed the item coloring window's lighting to be closer to in game lighting Fixed sighted FPS position for AWM red dot vista sight (gun and sight are more zoomed out with this sight attached) Fixed rad bors not appearing properly Removed PVE armor fragments Added melee add mega mine power fragment to tier 3 fragments Added melee add mega chop power fragment to tier 3 fragments [SDK] the ItemOnUseEventHandler will now use all IItemComponentUseables found on an item instead of just the first View the full update entry
  3. RustExperimentalCommunity Update 185

    [] Lots of water builds and bases, mods, and more. View Post[] View the full update Entry
  4. HurtworldHurtworld Dev Blog #127

    Hi Hurtworldians! In this weeks dev update we check out the progress on the next version of mangatang, the pistol red dot and new tooltip data for item transitions. Check out the full update here: the full update entry
  5. RustExperimentalCommunity Update 184

    [] One of the worst 'plays' I've ever seen, roleplaying excellence, a cool zombie mod, and more. View Post[]View the full update Entry
  6. I think it's Germany but it's gonna move to France here soon
  7. Hi Hurtworldians, In todays non wiping patch we have some balance tuning and bug fixes for the 0.5.6 patch released last week. Enjoy :) Interactions are no longer blocked by ragdolls (can now loot items through a creatures/players corpse) The vehicle crash system has been made more robust by the addition of extra spawn safety checks before initiating the crash, if these fail the player will be killed instead Fixed shack map markers not being loaded properly on server restart Updated rare creature colours Beds can now be rotated during placement Added 2 extra storage slots to the camping backpack Improved pistol ironsight icon poses Ironsight attachments now use the hardcase for their world item representation Massively improved network performance when syncing binary effects to proxies Added several safety checks and additional debug data into item serialization Fixed stat modifiers not displaying on several items tooltips Fixed error related to ammo storage on player disconnection Item masks no longer destroy themselves on client when applied Fixed a sync issue with non-standard world items Fixed an issue with how stat effects were being bound to projectiles Updated Unity to 5.6.6f2 (SDK users, please update Unity to 5.6.6f2) View the full update entry
  8. HurtworldHurtworld Dev Blog #126

    Hi Hurtworldians! In this weeks dev update we check out the upcoming red dot for the pistol, and go into detail about whats coming for the next patch. See the full update here: the full update entry
  9. RustExperimentalCommunity Update 183

    [] What have you been doing with the new compound and the scuba gear? Let's see... View Post[] View the full update Entry
  10. Hi Hurtworldians, I've just pushed out a quick temp fix for the item sync errors that have been happening frequently on the V2 servers. This doesn't solve the root of the problem, but the game should be able to recover from most errors and not affect gameplay. We will push out a more permanent solution on Monday. This should fix the following: Inventory getting bugged and showing blank items Creatures not dropping loot / loot invisible Players looking naked despite having gear Players shooting you with bear hands (weapons not showing) Hopefully this will tide everyone over for the rest of the weekend. Happy hunting :)View the full update entry
  11. RustExperimentalThe Compound Update

    [] We added a scientist protected compound, where players can gather and 'safely' do business. There's also scuba gear and underwater dive sites for you to explore, first-person clothing, and more. This patch wipes the maps, but your blueprints are retained. View Post[] Changes New boat sounds Scientists Compound Monument Facial Hair Style 04 New chainsaw sounds Added underwater rock formations Projectile trajectory verification is now enabled by default (hack) Added Diving Goggles - better underwater visiblity Added Diving Wetsuit - cold/wet protection Added Diving Flippers - faster water movement, slower land movement Added Diving Cylinder - breathe underwater for 10 mins Added dive sites and underwater loot crates Added first person clothing Local player footsteps are quieter than other players Misc sound polish and mix tweaks Improved Hair Textures and Materials Improved Hair Dye Colours ai_dormant true by default (server performance) Improved Hapis offshore junkpile spawns Improved Hapis Ch47 drop points Added CH47 drop point to SiteA (Hapis) Hapis Pumping station has slightly larger prevent building volume Block player inputting items into elite crates Block player inputting items into APC crate High external walls and gates decay much faster when placed outside of TC range Improved Ambient Occlusion Improved underwater rendering Improved CPU-side rendering performance EAC SDK update No longer broadcast effects to players in the connection queue (optimization) Optimized radial RPCs AI can reason about hostility marked players Support for stationary scientists at Compound Support for patrolling scientists at Compound Scientists can now search for lost targets Improved AI for mounted scientists Stationary scientists looks at players that get close enough Fixed animals spawning inside small cliffs on Hapis Fixed some broken Hapis map sounds Fixed nudity censor clipped by water surface; e.g. rowboat Fixed crafting queue dropped item server crash exploit Fixed multiple position ticks received in the same frame being ignored on the client Fixed issue where AI dormant + server network caching would corrupt position timestamps Fixed floating base build using triangular wall conditional models Fixed server side stair collider rotation sometimes being incorrect after rotating Fixed roof side exploits Fixed fanned wall stacking exploits Fixed foundation steps sometimes being unplaceable Fixed speed resource gathering (hack) Fixed speed swim and crouch (hack) Fixed looting dropped items through walls (hack) Fixed placing deployables through walls (hack) Fixed damage through walls via head clipping (hack) Fixed silent melee swing and attack (hack) Fixed silent projectile impacts (hack) Fixed sign upload lag (exploit) Fixed rapid fire bow (hack) Fixed unlimited oxygen (hack) Fixed chat UI corruption (exploit) Fixed crossbow attachments turning invisible when no arrow is loaded Can no longer spears etc under water Mounted players auto dismount if their head clips geometry Can no longer mount moving boats if the boat has a driver Junkpile scientists no longer hover over the ground Junkpile scientists despawn with the junkpile Scientist burst firing stop when they lose target Fixed range consideration for mounted scientists Fixed animal spawning where they would sometimes not come to life Scientists should no longer crouch walk Optimized the Geiger Counter View the full update Entry
  12. Hi Hurtworldians! In this weeks experimental update we focus on increasing the challenge from environmental pressure for all biomes, mainly focusing on making the heat progression more in line with cold. This includes an overhaul of player temperature + gear to be much more consistent and transparent. You will notice a thermometer beside the minimap which lets you know exactly what is going on with your temperature and hot/cold protection. This patch also introduces the ability to visually override any gear item you have equipped allowing you to choose how you want to look regardless of the stats on an item. We introduce a new type of item that has 0 amber protection cost, meaning it never drops on death and have applied this to all gear as an experiment. We feel that given gear has little to no PVP benefit, keeping it on death allows us to invest more value in gear while still requiring you risk your tools and weapons. Have a play, let us know how it feels. The first attachments for the Pistol are now in along with a reduced amber cost. The pistol should be much more viable this patch. Rare creatures and fragment drop rates have been buffed a lot, along with a restructure of fragment types so lower tier fragments are still useful. Enjoy :) Full Changelog: Players now have a safe temperature range within which their internal temperature will return to or stay at the baseline When players are in an area outside their safe tewmperature range their internal temperature will change in proportion to how far outside the safe range they are Safe temperature range starts at 10-25 degrees Cold/Heat protection no longer dampens internal temperature changes directly but instead now increases the low/high temperature limits respectively Nutrition no longer affects internal temperature directly, instead a 'well fed' buff is given when at 75% nutrition or above that gives +12 cold and heat protection Cooked steaks now add a 'nutritious meal' buff for 5 minutes giving +12 cold and heat protection (this stacks with the well fed buff) Added a thermometer UI to the side of the minimap window, this shows your current temperature limits and the current temperature at the players location Temperatures are now consistent throughout daytime/nighttime with a very short transition between the two (this has changed from constantly blending between two extremes making the temperature constantly change and the cold/heat bar timers to always be incorrect) Cold biomes are now cold during the day (not as cold as night but protection is still needed) and hot biomes are warm during the night Increased several spawn rates in Sand Dunes Added yeti variants to Red Desert Shigis and yetis in Red Desert now drop strong animal pelt Ultranium is now a sidegrade to Mondinium rather than an upgrade and has been made minable by the Titranium pickaxe Increased Ultranium spawns in Red Desert and increased Mondinium spawns in Snow Introduced a river of death on the Forest/Sand Dunes border, falling in instantly kills however the land bridge only applies radiation and can be crossed quickly Added visual override slots to the character window, items equipped in these slots will replace the visuals of the item equipped in the equivalent base slot Added rare statless items to town event loot, airdrops and rare creature spawns. These are designed to be used in the visual override slots Gear items are now permanently amber protected Beretta 9mm has new visuals and attachments Beretta 9mm amber protection cost reduced (12 -> 7) Added many new fragments and rebalanced fragment tier assignments, point costs and stat values Fragment drop rates increased Adjusted Bor hitboxes so they are slightly easier to headshot Removed large no build area around ownership stakes that was previously used to reserve spawn space Campfires can no be placed in no build areas Extended no build and out of bounds to cover the entire wasteland area of the Mangatang Removed ground flint and ground log spawns from all biomes except the start desert Reduced blast furnace shaped iron cost (50 -> 30) Increased rare creature spawns Changed rare creature colors to be more obvious at a distance Increased meteor shower spawns and decreased yield Reduced iron tipped spear shaped iron cost (20 -> 10) Iron workbench changed into Titranium workbench Increased improvised bow pvp damage (20 -> 25) Gasoline is now crafted individually (was 5 at a time) Reduced storage locker shaped iron cost (40 -> 20) Disabled torch sounds Reduced Bor and Tokar spawn density around sand dunes landmarks Translations have been improved Fixed campfire temperature UI Fixed biome particle effects not playing Fix for Ultranium resource node's effect zone border stopping projectiles Fixed binary effect tooltip timer Fixed missing no build zones around town events Fixed emission map not showing on tokar Fixed Chemsuit mask removing players hair Fixed Ultranium rich resource nodes appearing as standard resource nodes (rich nodes are spawned from meteor strikes) View the full update entry
  13. RustExperimentalCommunity Update 182

    [] A handmade aircraft carrier, boating on land, bases, art, and more. View Post[] View the full update Entry
  14. HurtworldHurtworld Dev Blog #125

    Hi Hurtworldians! In this weeks dev update we check out overhauling the temperature system to be more consistant between hot and cold, the ability to show visual only gear over the top of stat gear, localization gets some love, pistol progress and more on the mangatang updates. See the full update here: the full update entry
  15. Sucks. That's what happens when a Country seems to be full of troublemakers. Don't believe it's just Lithuania, Your country is not alone

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