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  1. [Guide] Rust Experimental Server

    Read sir
  2. RustExperimentalCommunity Update 176

    [rust.facepunch.com] Lots of art, Rust lore deep mined, and more. View Post[rust.facepunch.com]View the full update Entry
  3. HurtworldHurtworld Dev Blog #121

    Hi Hurtworldians! In this weeks dev update we check out the finished chopper paint skins, flesh out some town event art, start a heavy server performance optimization pass and talk about the new features going into the next patch. Check out the full update here: http://hurtworld.com/hurtworld-update-121/View the full update entry
  4. Hi Hurtworldians, This hotfix patch fixes up some issues with item serialization that were causing UI bugs and other problems within the item system. The item coloring window will now close other interaction windows when it opens and we've upated our default content collection in our SDK. Changelog: Fixed a bug where the item coloring window wouldn't close other open interaction windows Fixed a bug where item serialization was breaking, fixes undefined behaviour bugs in item and ui systems Item Namers are now stackable Added default assets back to SDK and updated them View the full update entry
  5. Firstly you need to lookup the definition for exploit Second. The fact that you think a HWID changer is needed really makes you sound experienced and just making shit up you think you know. A private message to idisrupt would've been the best route. Cracked rust already has alot of issues with the release from EA and having having kids going around advertising "hey I found a way to cheat, here is how" really makes the community look bad and that doesn't make sense if your trying to play on that server. As I mentioned above. Your ban is completely up to idisrupt. And all I was saying was the way you handled the situation it doesn't look good especially when looking at the console I see you sending PM's telling people how.
  6. all players on the server have adm perm . and cant ban all or kick . 

  7. I highly doubt you'll be unbanned since you found an exploit, continued to use it, and advertised it to everyone else. That is not the right way to handle situations like this on top of that you probably just ruined the whole map for everyone which means @iDisrupt might even have to do a map wipe. Though it ain't my server to fix the situation and not sure why you got your original ban but I can assure you. This ban will be more permanent and not as easy to revoke until idisrupt gets back.
  8. Hi Hurtworldians, A small hotfix for last nights patch is now live. Both changes will retroactively fix existing items that already have these fragments applied. Changelog: Fixed Gun Recoil Fragment applying the wrong stats Fixed Bow Draw Speed Fragment slowing down instead of speeding up draw speed Enjoy :) View the full update entry
  9. Hi Hurtworldians, Tonight we have a pretty big update for the Experimental branch which greatly extends the item upgrade system and refactors how respawning works. There is now a big library of item upgrades (now called Fragments) that can be applied across most items. Items upgraded through the workbench will now keep their upgrades as they progress through core tiers. Visual customization has also been extended to allow full color customization of most gear and equipment with the spray can item as well as custom patterns. Respawning has been decoupled from the ownership stake with the new Bed machine. Rapid respawning at base will now cost you amber. FULL CHANGELOG Introduced new machine "Bed" which now acts as your spawn point instead of ownership stake. Respawning at a bed will cause all beds you own to be on cooldown for 3 mins. If you want to spawn at your bed before that time you can buy back with amber placed inside the bed. Spawning at noob beach is always available. Crafting times have been removed, crafting is now instant and stackable items can craft multiple times at once Items can now receive upgrades from consumable 'fragment' items until an item's upgrade points are all spent When an item with fragments, name overrides or amber protection is used as a crafting material it will transfer them all to the new crafted item Item attachments are no longer consumed when placing a new attachment in an occupied slot Scope, Magazine and Tip attachments can be removed by right clicking on the item and selecting dismantle Added consumable item masks for the AWM and AR15, these will change the color pattern on the gun Added item colorer, drag one onto a customisable item to set new colors on the item. After applying the changes the item is updated and the item colorer is consumed Bloom is now active in the icon rendering system when enabled in graphics options Item links in chat will no longer appear as 'placeholder item' when the item link is the most recent message Fixed a bug where amber protected items could be destroyed during an unexpected server restart Fixed emission not being initialized properly from mesh attachments in uber shader Fixed dynamite icon not rendering properly Fixed issue where gear was not being re-equipped after applying a mutator (fragment upgrade, item renamer etc.) Fixed an issue where new vehicles from beacon drops would already be claimed Fixed a bug where Ultranium resource nodes were not applying radiation Fixed a bug where Ultranium resource nodes had the wrong collider CharacterMotorConfiguration is now published in mod asset manifests and can be replaced by workshop mods View the full update entry
  10. RustExperimentalCommunity Update 175

    [rust.facepunch.com] Lots of musical moments, how to solo to AK, Vertiigo returns, and more. View Post[rust.facepunch.com]View the full update Entry
  11. HurtworldHurtworld Dev Blog #120

    Hi Hurtworldians, In this weeks dev update, we check out the new bed device that will drastically change how respawning works and go into detail about our item upgrade system flesh out. Check out the full update here: http://hurtworld.com/hurtworld-update-120/View the full update entry
  12. RustExperimentalCommunity Update 174

    [rust.facepunch.com] That's not cosplay; that's a handmade Rust player model. Come and see how it was put together, plus lots more. View Post[rust.facepunch.com] View the full update Entry
  13. Knights Table client should be fully updated momentarily.
  14. RustExperimentalDevblog 198

    [rust.facepunch.com] We're back, and this time we're bringing chainsaws, the SPAS-12 shotgun, new foliage, the first look at the new helicopter, and lots more. This patch wipes the maps, but your blueprints will carry over. View Post[rust.facepunch.com] Changes Added Chainsaw Added Incendiary Shotgun Shells Added Spas-12 Shotgun Terrain Blend Maps for better monuments transition Added upkeep grief protection Added glaucous willow and spicebush plants Added world reflection graphics setting Fixed painted signs sometimes resetting on server restart Fixed workshop skin corruption issue Fixed dark lighting at the gates of Military Tunnels Fixed incorrect star positions relative to sun and moon Fixed foundation rotation exploit Fixed workshop skin loading issue Fixed S11 Cave having no build block volumes (Hapis) Fixed locker, bed, workbench floating slightly after construction placed on no longer exists Bandages and syringes now show their healing information Searchlight no longer accessible without TC access Fixed weird sprint+aim exploit Optimized conditional model performance Vastly improved interior lighting Upgraded to Unity 2017.1.3 Improved cliff mesh placement next to monuments Moved our grass and overgrowrth to new foliage shader Optimized client file cache performance Increased tree view distance at high tree quality settings Optimized tree performance at low tree quality settings Slightly harder to wall off southern convoy (Hapis) Reduced forest size in areas for performance reasons (Hapis) Xmas tree no longer craftable Mailbox repairable Water purifier can no longer be placed on barbecue and fireplace All signs, banners and frames are now repairable Bed can be repaired Bed can be picked up with hammer + building privilege Repair bench wood cost removal Repairing items now costs 20% instead of 50% of their total cost Scientists have slightly more health Scientists have proper loot tables Stripped unused tree assets (disk space usage) View the full update Entry

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