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  1. Hey Hurtworldians, Along with the wipe we've got a quick hotfix patch for you tonight to settle down some of the more serious tether bugs whilst we work on a more comprehensive fix as part of our Unity 2018 upgrade. Tethers will now snap when exceeding their new force limit which should prevent vehicles flying off at crazy directions when the tether finds itself trying to enforce an impossible to fit constraint. This wipe is optional for community servers. Additionally EAC should now work correctly for all platforms. As always the 'oldversion' beta branch has been set to so you can continue to play on community servers that have not updated yet. Have fun! Changelog Tethers now break when exceeding their force limit All vehicle types are now destroyed when failing their 'out of bounds' check Fixed a null reference issue in the crash system EAC should now load correctly on Mac and Linux clients View the full update entry
  2. KahunaElGrande

    RustExperimentalThe Oil Rig Update

    [] Go to post.[] Changelog Linux uses Vulkan graphics API (-force-vulkan to use Vulkan on Windows) Mac uses Metal graphics API Deep sea waves with crest foam affecting floating physics Water interaction disturbance foam Restored world reflections option Fixed muzzle flash positions Fixed client side corpses sometimes clipping into things Fixed foam showing up near player Fixed flickering on shore, including cases related to TSSAA Fixed overbright caustics and specular occlusion on shore Fixed some occlusion culling frame delays on players, NPCs, ragdolls and impostors Fixed light beams not hiding when lights are distance culled LOD, batching and foliage grids now support twice the terrain size (custom maps & oil rigs) Asset loading is now much faster (total loading time 10% faster on SSD, potentially much more on HDD) Entities are now ordered by distance from the player when they are networked Game log is now always written to output_log.txt in install folder Shore water transition quality Higher-quality high-frequency ocean waves Performance on light-heavy scenes using culling Water junkpile foliage animation now wave-based instead of foliage/wind-based Added instancing to deferred mesh decals Saved 115 MB of system and video memory by reducing some textures View the full update Entry
  3. KahunaElGrande

    HurtworldDev Blog 153

    Hi Hurtworldians! In this detailed dev update, we outline details of the next big content patch as well as a roadmap for the near future of development. Highly recommended read if you're interested in the future of Hurtworld! Check out the full update here: the full update entry
  4. KahunaElGrande

    HurtworldHotfix Is Live!

    Hi Hurtworldians, Tonight's hotfix aims to increase the stability of interactions around tethers and should make things run a little smoother. Change Log Fixed the force position and visuals not matching up on tethers Added a min tether length to prevent flying feedback loop on short tethers on vehicles Fixed a bug where getting forced into a vehicle (or crash vehicle aka tether) would fail and kill you instantly and leave you in an invalid state Fixed not being able to be tethered while holding a heavy slot item View the full update entry
  5. KahunaElGrande

    HurtworldHotfix Is Live!

    Hey Hurtworldians, We're releasing a small hotfix to take care of some issues with the latest patch and reduce false positives in our DDoS protection system. Whilst this patch doesn't make any changes to the tether system yet we realize there are still several bugs and strange behaviours around tethering and will be working on sorting those out next week. As always the 'oldversion' beta branch is hosting so you can continue to play on community servers before they update Changelog Improved DDoS flood detection to reduce false positives Fixed incorrect hitbox setup on land crab mines Removed player collisions with poison traps (they still get triggered, this is just about restricting movement) Tokars now drop poison sacs correctly Improved camera positioning for crash 'vehicle' View the full update entry
  6. KahunaElGrande

    HurtworldPatch Is Live!

    Hi Hurtworldians! Tonight we have our first content patch since the V2 launch. This patch brings the first of the physics toys that should expand ways of interacting with objects out in the world. Tether SystemThis introduces a range of new gameplay opportunities beginning with a way to interact with your enemies in a non lethal way. The first attack with the tether bow will force a hit player into a bound state (similar to falling off a bike) and allow the shooter to drag them around at their leisure. The bound player can be freed by another player cutting the line or the attacker switching weapons from the tether bow. Although this sounds overpowered in a PVP situation, we've made the bow projectile speed very low, making it quite hard to hit anyone with, while consuming expensive arrows. In any scenario where you can capture someone using this weapon, you would likely been able to kill them easily with a cheaper weapon. The bound player always has the option to suicide using the console (F1->kill), which means the worst case scenario you die. In some cases your attackers will set you free or even enrich your gameplay experience by forcing you into slavery of some kind. Once you have a single target tethered, you can bind it to another object by hitting a second "tetherable" physical object. At this point this can include other players or vehicles. There is no limit to the amount of objects that can be tethered together, however the weight will add up the more you want to lift / drag, make sure there is sufficient pulling power to toe your chain of victims across the map. More pulling forces are better than one in cases you want to lift something heavy, combining multiple vehicles towing / lifting will increase your pulling power. CosmeticsWhile we've been busy working on stabilizing the servers against DDOS attacks and garbage collection spikes, our art team have been heavily expanding our gear cosmetics to replace a bunch of placeholder gear with more application specific looks as well as tons of hats and masks to ensure no two players look the same. TrapsAll the traps from legacy have had a revamp and been brought into V2 along with all new fake sleepers, fake loot crates and fake air drops to bait your opponents into ambushes or just kill them outright. All this with a ton of bug fixes and improvements. See the changelog for a breakdown. Happy hunting Change Log Added new tethering system and tether bow item for tying players and vehicles together with rope Added several new vanity items (these items have no gameplay stats and are visual only) Added new 'Rebel' gear set replacing several items from the heat protection progression The combat helmet has been converted into a vanity item Added fake sleeper traps, these will explode when destroyed Added fake airdrop trap, these will call in an airdrop when placed, the cargo crate from this airdrop will explode when interacted with Landcrab mines, medusa vines and poison traps are returning from legacy Poison trap overhauled so it no longer destroys itself when triggered, instead it will need to be disassembled with a machine wrench Crosshair hit markers are now activated by the server rather than being client predicted (seeing a non-blue hit marker should now always be a reliable hit) Succulent plants and sunscreen are returning from legacy Inactive item transitions now also have a progress bar so falloff progress can be tracked Added irradiated owrong seeds as a new item transition from owrong seeds Plugged up several rock cave base locations in Nullius Fixed regressions in balance changes (Mozzy insurance cost and pistol rate of fire are now fixed again) Fixed machines not being irradiated properly Fixed TimedEffectZones trying to affect destroyed entities Fixed a potential null reference exception in MapComponentMarker Fixed Mozzys not consuming fuel properly View the full update entry
  7. KahunaElGrande

    7DaystoDieAlpha 17.2 Is Out!

    We’ve just released Alpha 17.2 B27 with many fixes, changes and some great new game options. Alpha 17.2 Release Notes [] View the full update entry
  8. KahunaElGrande

    HurtworldHotfix Is Live!

    Hey Hurtworldians, Just a quick hotfix for this afternoon to update our EasyAntiCheat integration, all saves are still compatible and no wipes are required. As always will be hosted on the 'oldversion' beta branch so you can continue to play on community servers that have not updated yet.View the full update entry
  9. KahunaElGrande

    7DaystoDieAlpha 17.2 b27 experimental is out

    Alpha 17.2 b27 experimental is out: View the full update entry
  10. KahunaElGrande

    HurtworldHotfix Is Live!

    Hi Hurtworldians! Hotfix is now live. Tonight's hotfix furthers our push in the war against DDOS attacks. While the attacks keep getting smarter and adapting to our network protocols, we believe we are patching out the last of the holes that allow targeted attacks to effectively bring down servers. This patch adds a new layer that allows the game process to pass IP addresses to the operating system to implement firewall filtering and free up the Hurtworld main thread from dealing with malicious packets. Server owners will find a new / handle_ddos_ip.bat in the server builds that will be called with an IP address as a parameter whenever the server process detects excessive data from a specific IP address. It is up to each server owner to configure this script to block the IP permanently / temporarily and will change greatly depending on OS configuration. Another powerful use for this would be calling out to your ISP's hardware firewall API and blocking the IPs from there (I know OVH supports this). We are currently working on an IPSet/IPTables implementation example for linux servers that we will push out in the next couple days. In the meantime competent server admins should be able to work filtering out.View the full update entry
  11. KahunaElGrande

    HurtworldDev Update 152

    Hi Hurtworldians! In this weeks dev update we check out some new gear, outline our plans for the next patch and unveil the flagship feature of our first V2 content patch which we're really excited about: Physics Tethers Check out the full update here: the full update entry
  12. Hey Hurtworldians, We've delayed the major content patch until the next wipe (28th Feb, more info on this in our next devblog coming very soon) but have got a hotfix patch with some important bugfixes for you instead. Official servers are also wiping with this patch but community servers can make their own decision as saves are still compatible. As always the 'oldversion' beta branch is hosting so you can continue to play on community servers until they update. Full Changelog Improved camera collision detection again to stop players peeking into bases Fixed construction placement validation volumes on several construction pieces Fixed some layout issues in clan UI Added an extra player volume to sleepers so construction validation checks against them are identical to players Items with durability can no longer be recycled Halved Beretta 9mm Pistol fire rate Fixed players occasionally respawning at vehicles instead of their chosen respawn point Added a vertical offset to crash vehicle camera to stop it colliding with the ground when rolling (makes camera much smoother when crashing) Fixed ammo UI being cutoff for some languages Fixed Mozzy claiming not consuming the amber cost Fixed Mozzy sounds playing at incorrect times View the full update entry
  13. KahunaElGrande

    HurtworldHotfix Is Live!

    Hi Hurtworldians, After a fair bit of chaos over the weekend where all our official servers were hit by a coordinated DDOS attack specifically designed to exploit a vulnerability in the network middle-ware we use, all official servers are back online and immune to the weekends attacks. All servers should be in the same state they were at the start of the attacks yesterday with no decay or amber consumption from stakes. We apologise for the downtime, and we are pretty confident that this vulnerability is now fixed and should make our official and community servers much more robust. Thanks for hanging in there with us. Change Log: Big improvements to targeted DDOS attack protection Fixed Emote crouch bypassing stand up check and being used to get into rocks View the full update entry
  14. Alpha 17.2 Experimental B20 is out read more here! Alpha 17.2 Experimental B20 is out! [] View the full update entry
  15. KahunaElGrande

    RustExperimentalThe Air Power Update

    [] Minicopters, RF Communications, Performance tweaks and more. Go to post.[] Changelog New Hemp Plant Refresh New Palm Trees in Arid Biome Iterative entity networking (fixes frame rate drops when moving around the world) Custom garbage collections (fixes frame rate drops when moving or in combat) Added Mini Helicopter Added Flasher Light Added Siren Light Added Audio Alarm Added RF Broadcaster Added RF Receiver Added RF Transmitter Added RF Pager Added Player Sensor Added RAND Electricity Component Added Chinese New Year items Fixed chat / player name "rich text" exploits Fixed entity not taking damage when explosive was attached to lock Fixed deployable rotation via R key when deploying on terrain at an angle Fixed being able to see through floors on reconnect Fixed sometimes receiving fall damage when respawning Fixed toggling censorship option enabling worn light source Fixed netgraph not working Fixed entities sometimes missing when spectating Fixed lens flares flickering in some cases Fixed dive site tugboat windows visible over water Fixed multiple Hapis out of bounds exploits Unity 2018.3.3 EAC SDK update Clear Log.EAC.txt on server start Send delta snapshots instead of full snapshots when spawning (faster respawn) Optimized memory allocations when applying skins to items on the client Optimized rigidbodies on various entities on the client Optimized memory allocations when building blocks are spawned on the client Optimized client and server relating to buoyancy performance Enabled entity pooling on ceiling lights on the client Enabled multibox pruning broadphase (client and server physics performance) Disabled rigidbody interpolation on HAB and CH47 (server physics performance) Strip various client only components from the server (server memory usage) Military Tunnels exit route balance Enabled Fullscreen Exclusive by default Optimized GunTrap/Autoturret/FlameTurret CPU usage Increased SAM Site Lethality Added 'Toggle' input to Memory cell View the full update Entry
  16. KahunaElGrande

    HurtworldHotfix Is Live!

    Hi Hurtworldians, Tonight we have another critical but unexciting iterative hotfix patch to further work on server performance. This patch focuses heavily on runtime memory allocations reducing garbage collector spikes. This should take a lot of pressure off full servers, hopefully reducing the "rewind/backwards" lag spikes that are causing our receive buffers to cap out and lose packets. Not 100% there yet, we will keep iterating over the week. Change Log: Permanent fix for OSX crash from network API bypass Item invalidation / creation no longer allocates a ton of serverside allocations Removed a ton of redundant map marker network objects Ported object event subscriptions away from delegates to reduce allocations Reduced max CPU usage of weather systems and spawn director View the full update entry
  17. KahunaElGrande

    HurtworldHotfix Is Now Live!

    Hey Hurtworldians, Another hotfix patch for you tonight with more improvements to DDoS protection and performance. We've also added some quality of life improvements in the form of a new storage item for heavy slot resources + an inverted pitch control option for Mozzys. We're also wiping official servers with this patch and community servers will be forced to wipe also when they update. As always the 'oldversion' beta branch is pointing at the previous version ( so you can change to this to continue to play on community servers until they update. Changelog Added a heavy storage rack for storing heavy slot items Improved DDoS protection Added MinSpikeDebugTime console setting that will configure how often warnings for long frames will be output. Defaults to 5 seconds, will output a warning whenever a frame takes longer than the time (in seconds). If profiling server performance, a value of 0.5 should provide some good insight. We are curious what the max these spikes get up to on community servers Added invert pitch option toggle for helicopters Fixed in game changelog not showing properly Improved positioning of owrong and bandage items Improved entity update tick timing when in low performance situations (should improve smoothness and consistency when running FPS less than twice the tick rate) Added handling for EAC shutdown error preventing servers from shutting down and restarting smoothly View the full update entry
  18. KahunaElGrande

    HurtworldHurtworld Dev Blog #151

    Hi Hurtworldians! It's been a wild couple of weeks keeping the wheels on V2 with the massive influx of players from our launch. It's been amazing to see everyone jumping in to what we've been working on in the background and giving some awesome feedback. We're slowly getting things under control and are laying plans for our next content releases and server wipe cycles. Check out the full details here: the full update entry
  19. KahunaElGrande

    HurtworldHotfix Is Live!

    Hey Hurtworldians, We've got another hotfix patch for you tonight with more improvements to performance (especially server side), fixing items that could have been recolorable but weren't and fixing the third person camera to stop players peeking inside bases with strange camera angles. We've also fixed a MacOSX networking issue that was preventing clients from connecting to servers. Please note we still need to fix some shader compilation issues on some Mac setups that cause the server connection to time out on the first try, make sure to try joining a server more than once if you are having problems! As always the 'oldversion' beta branch is pointing at the previous version ( so you can continue to play on community servers before they update. Changelog Fixed an issue with MacOSX version not being able to connect to servers World item generation refactored and performance improved (should help with item falling through world issues) Mozzy chassis can now be recolored and will accept Mozzy paint masks Improvised bow can now be recolored Improved camera near clipping plane collision detection (fixes being able to peek into bases by placing your camera at strange angles in third person perspective) Fixed race condition in server interaction blast casts Reduced memory allocations resulting in more consistent performance View the full update entry
  20. KahunaElGrande

    HurtworldHotfix Is Live!

    Hi Guys, Tonight's hotfix further iterates on network stability and performance. We located some serious issues with our background network thread that were being exploited by targeted DDOS attacks to bring down servers. These should now be fixed along with significantly reduced ram usage on the client and the server. The reduced ram usage should solve the issues people with low ram have been having connecting to servers since the last patch. Change Log Patched an exploit in RPC layer that could be used to crash the server with malformed packets Fixed race conditions in background network thread Removed over eager allocation of network message buffers using tons of ram Reduced frame lease pool of network messages on client (less ram usage) Added "frameleasebitstreampool <count>" console command to expand bitstream pool. Increase this if you are getting frame lease exceeded by <count>. Default on the server is 1500, only increase by amounts exceeded. View the full update entry
  21. KahunaElGrande

    7DaystoDieOfficial Merchandise

    The Fun Pimps are happy to announce our officially licensed merchandise now available through AMAZON! After so many requests from you all about our official gear, we’re so excited to finally make it happen! We’re kicking it off by debuting our black short sleeve tees with our official logo and will be pimping out much more official merchandise to come in the near future, stay tuned and check out our shirts! Amazon store page [] View the full update entry
  22. KahunaElGrande

    7DaystoDieAlpha 17.1 Stable is out!

    We’ve just released Alpha 17.1 Stable and here are the official releases notes: Alpha 17.1 Stable Release Notes! [] View the full update entry
  23. KahunaElGrande

    HurtworldHotfix Is Live!

    Hi Hurtworldians, EDIT: We're bringing all V2 servers down to upgrade them all to 64 bit. Will take about half an hour. Tonight we have a server performance hotfix that should alleviate a lot of the movement corrections on full servers. There is still a bit of work to do on the server perf but this should be a good step towards getting everything tickityboo. This patch also fixes the autodetection of low ram mode which was getting stomped by the fixes to the configuration saving. For server owners we also added a new admin command to jump the connection queue. Usage: jumpqueue <steamid> As well as the ability to use rcon from inside the queue. The "playerid" command will put your steamid into your clipboard for quick jumping of self through queue. Lastly server connection issues now render on top of the UI. We'll be monitoring the servers to ensure the fixes are improving things and will keep working on perf improvements into the weekend. Thanks for your patience, happy hunting.View the full update entry
  24. KahunaElGrande

    HurtworldServer Performance Status Update

    Hi Hurtworldians, Usually we would post a devblog outlining the status of all the issues we are working on, but given the urgency of fixing the server performance I've opted to throw a quick status update out so we can keep working on getting it resolved. The last patch we put out contained profiling code that allowed us to monitor our busy official servers in realtime and analyse the data. We've now identified the root cause of the lag spikes happening across busy servers and are working hard to get it resolved. The good news is that the issue is fairly contained and should only take a couple of days to repair, once this is done I expect our servers to run flawlessly. Given the weekend is approaching and the repairs may take me a couple of days, Tom is working on a quick fix that will significantly improve the situation until the proper fix is complete. Hopefully this will mean we have things in a decent state by the weekend. Thanks for your patience <3View the full update entry
  25. KahunaElGrande

    HurtworldHotfix Is Live!

    Hi Hurtworldians, Tonight's hotfix focuses mainly on improving server performance. While this patch won't give big gains, it gives us the tools to profile our servers and determine whats causing the lag spikes. Players being starved of entity spawns should be now fixed. Ram optimisation on the client should have also improved a lot. Low ram mode has been moved into the game options and will automatically turn on for anyone with less than 5gb of ram. This is a quick fix for people with 4gb of ram struggling to get into game, we will likely improve the solution in future so everyone can have access to full res textures. We are working around the clock to isolate the server performance issue, I have high hopes everything will be sorted by the weekend. Happy hunting! Full Changelog Deferred spawn system no longer starves players that joined the game late of entity spawns Removed Low Ram Mode from launch options and added to options menu Added automatic Low Ram detection Fixed options not saving on restart Heavily optimised meteor showers and cargo plane network traffic Removed nonsense numbers from "debug 1" text Removed a ton of useless server debug messages Server is now forced to use low ram mode Crunched a bunch of level textures that didn't need to be high res View the full update entry

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