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  1. Hi Hurtworldians, We just pushed out a quick server only hotfix for some creature spawn issues and missing Airdrops. Yeti's and Clay were the worst affected and should be fixed now. No client update required. Happy Hunting!View the full update entry
  2. Hi Hurtworldians! Tonight we have the long awaited Island Hopper content update which brings a ton of things that have been in the works for a long time. Biggest features include the expansion of Nullius to include various exotic islands some of which can be claimed fought over and claimed, others with challenging farming routes and big rewards. To make room for the islands, we have scaled down the main island of Nullius by 25%, we think this improves the feel of the map a ton also, making it much more tightly packed. Less running more gunning. The Mozzy helicopter now has some serious teeth with the addition of hornet rocket pods coming in 3 flavours: Mining, Combat and Raiding rockets. Rapidly speed up your farming routes by sniping resource nodes with mining rockets or blast away your enemies bases with the mega powerful (and expensive) raiding rockets. Expect to see some unfamiliar faces on the islands as we roll out 6! new creatures with new loot and combat mechanics. Be careful... these guys are made to be a very tough challenge to even experienced players. In the meantime we've also added a ton of bug fixes and quality of life updates. See the change log for full details. This patch requires a wipe on all servers. As we are wiping on a Tuesday we will extend this wipe cycle until the 4th of July. Happy hunting amigos! Change LogAdded many new islands to Nullius map Scaled mailand nullius down by 25% Added Skoogler Creature Re-added Antor hive with Antor Creatures Added Bandril Creature Re-added thornling Creature Added Sabra creatire Added Rafaga creature Added Rocket pods attachment for Mozzy Added 3 types of rockets (Mining, Combat and Raiding) Added Iron Door Added Iron Garage Door Added Iron Floor Added new teir of workbench: Fabricator Added new metal Galvanite Added Galvanite Pickaxe Rebalanced how campfires work to not overheat you as much Updated lighting in green biome Added SAM sites around the map that fire at any occupied Mozzy where the pilot doesn't own the cell its in Reduced the restrictions on territory control points heavily. Lockout is disabled, anything can now be built on them including beds and machines. Lastly nobuild surrounding them has been removed (might need to tweak this) Extended territory control ownership system on islands to claim the entire island (and control of the SAM sites), he who controls the territory controls the whole island.View the full update entry
  3. Hi Hurtworldians! We just dropped a new extended cut trailer for the Island Hopper Update with a much more in depth look at all the gameplay features new and old in the Hurtworld universe! Please spread the love and share it around <3 Patch is on its way, just putting the final touches on it now. ETA: 1 hourView the full update entry
  4. Hi Hurtworldians! In this weeks dev update we check out a bunch of the new things going into Tuesdays patch including the new SAM sites, new metal type, and preview a few of the new islands. Check out the full update here: the full update entry
  5. [] Horseback riding, Balance changes, a New UI and more! Upgraded to Unity 2019.1.4f1 Enabled incremental GC and integrated it with the custom GC logic Server Browser shows wipe times Can order server list by wipe time Added in game item store Show when friends are on servers Main menu has background videos Sleeping bag list now scrolls Players automatically climb over small steps Added Horseback Riding 1.0 Fixed skin unloading texture and material corruption issues Fixed light from the outside bleeding into building reflection probes at doorways Fixed projectile LOS exploit that was abusing the player bounds forgiveness Fixed server side player fall through floor exploit Fixed IK on world space particle systems (flame thrower) Fixed not all servers getting listed Fixed crafting queue UI not getting reset after reconnect Fixed renderinfo command Fixed players parenting on the outside of Hot air balloon Fixed players falling out of the falling out of Hot air balloon Fixed a bunch of item typos Fixed projectiles being rejected when shot through Oilrig stairs Fixed players clipping through Oilrig dock Fixed SetDestination errors Fixed Launch site office building spawning too many barrels Fixed Watchtowers being placed under the terrain Fixed Rustige Egg base protection Fixed Water Junkpiles despawning with players nearby Fixed Muzzle flashes animating at low FPS in the distance Fixed Scope jittering all over the place when on a vehicle or the cargo ship Fixed viewmodels lagging behind when on a vehicle or the cargo ship Fixed not being able to pick up Water Barrel Fixed animals not playing dynamic footsteps based on their surface type Optimized skin unloading Enabled skin unloading on low end hardware by default again UI loads faster Fixed animations sometimes not being disabled Optimized occlusion texture memory usage Optimized input button updates Optimized chat UI Optimized physics timing values Optimized child entity networking when parented to entities with global broadcast (cargo ship) Optimized server browser Optimized font memory usage Added more localization Shader usage optimizations Improved CJK font rendering Added invisible_collider, prevent_movment_volume and gas station prefabs for map makers Hapis Island map optimizations Weapon VFX optimizations Weapon visual improvements Scope no longer scales with UI Scale Water jug spawns with less water Puzzle reset bugs fixed (can no longer camp and wait for a respawn) Nerfed oil rig loot Flashlights cast additional light in first person illuminating an area beyond just the light cone Lowered all research costsView the full update Entry
  6. Alpha 17.4 Stable is out! Official 17.4 Release Notes! [] View the full update entry
  7. You need to make sure your saving it. And if your installing oxide/uMod you need to modify the Assembly-CSharp provided by them.
  8. Hi Hurtworldians! In this weeks update we have a ton of info on the upcoming patch and our release to exit early access. This is going to be a big one: Islands, New Creatures, Rocket Pods... unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances we've had to cancel this weeks patch and roll it into the big one on the 18th of June. Check out the full post for details: the full update entry
  9. Alpha 17.4 Experimental is out! View the full update entry
  10. Hey Hurtworldians, We've got another hotfix patch to go along with tonight's wipe. This patch stabilizes the tether system so we no longer have to break tethers when pushed past a force limit. We now also allow multiple players to be connected to the same tether network so they can setup tug of war style situations. Official servers have been wiped, for community servers this wipe is optional. As always is currently live on the 'oldversion' branch so you can use this to play on community servers that haven't updated yet. Enjoy! ChangelogImproved stability of tether system, tethers no longer have a force limit that can break them Multiple players can now be connected to the same tether network Improved the vehicle 'is entry safe' check for unsafe seats (fixes Kanga entering a state where entering it will instantly cause a crash) Lengthened raid drill audio falloff (now matches legacy distances)View the full update entry
  11. We’ve just released Alpha 17.3 Stable! Release Notes: [] View the full update entry
  12. We've just released Alpha 17.3 Experimental B18 For A17.3 we have set focus on bug fixes and RWG. We have fixed the issue which caused chunks to be reset to their original state, often affecting players' bases. For RWG we worked over to remove the POI replication spawns (radio tower cities), reworked the roads so be more vehicle-friendly, overworked the world layout and adjusted the placement of POIs and cities. This framework we are backporting to 17.3 is part of a larger Alpha 18 plan to make it awesome. Alpha 17.3 Experimental B18 [] View the full update entry
  13. @Rustking Advertising servers in another server is against forum rules and will result in a ban.
  14. Keep in mind that's a not a rust gameban EAC doesn't work on Cracked Rust anymore as it was patched. You would have to develop your own, Team viewer is not the way to go for that trust me.
  15. Screen sharing is not really a efficient way check if someone is cheating unless that person was retarded. But anyone that knows how to navigate a computer will know how to hide it. You need something that can detect stuff while the game is running while it's happening not "5 minutes later" after being accused. That's how EasyAntiCheat works.
  16. Is the testing the TeamViewer session that's been mentioned a couple times?
  17. You do know out of this whole conversation they never once accused you of anything. All they are saying is to check your mods/admins.
  18. Hi Hurtworldians! In this weeks dev update we go into detail about the next content patch focusing on bringing all our new creatures to life as well as a first look at strapping mounted weapons to the Mozzy! Check out the full update here: the full update entry
  19. You need to download the F-Shield Client it auto connects you. Link should be either on their website or in the first thread.
  20. [] A smaller than usual 2-week update including a new Hunting Bow Model, Map changes, various bugfixes and more monument lighting changes Added granular skin loading (greatly reduces skin memory usage) Added skin unloading (itemskinunload convar, enabled by default with less than 10GB of RAM) Map uses less memory and can be zoomed out much farther New Hunting Bow model Fixed riot hat skin preview (workshop) Fixed metal / spec material issues (workshop) Fixed cave lift parenting trigger exploit Fixed projectile line of sight exploit Fixed several graphics issues with the Linux client Fixed players exploiting inside large furnace Fixed LR300 condition being too low Fixed 40mm smoke grenade climb exploit Fixed Oil Rig keycard doors being permanently locked Optimized UI background blur shader by removing unused grab pass Optimized GC allocs from client entities that are waiting for their parent Bandit Town lighting overhauled Cave Large Sewers lighting overhauled Puzzle fuse boxes now run high voltage, and as such look more dangerous Reduced external wall and gate crafting time M39 has much more manageable recoil Faster right click quick looting Bone arrows are less expensive Bone arrows move faster Bone arrows have a larger 'radius' HV arrows cost metal fragments instead of stoneView the full update Entry
  21. Hey Hurtworldians, We've got a hotfix to go along with tonights wipe that fixes up a few map issues and fixes a Roach bug used to peek through walls along with a few other fixes. Due to map changes this patch enforces a wipe. As always you can use the 'oldversion' beta branch to stay on and play on community servers that haven't installed the update yet. Enjoy! ChangelogImproved several icon poses Muzzle flash position for zero silencer fixed Reduced MAC10 pvp and pve damage (20 -> 15) Fixed broken ladders in hangar towns Fixed broken heavy crafters in hangar/servo wars towns Fixed inaccessible Kanga jump puzzles Added camo mask patterns to Dappler and Vista reddot sights Fixed using the Roach to peek through bases, Roach rear seat entry can now be blocked by other geometry and has its own connected passenger simulation so rear seat passenger can be knocked offView the full update entry
  22. [] An Easter event is upon us Go to post.[] For the next week, once every in-game day an easter egg hunt will begin. You'll have 3 minutes to collect as many eggs as you can. The top 3 players are given special eggs as a reward. These eggs can be cracked open for various types of loot ranging from scrap all the way up to an M249! If you don't make the podium, that's okay. The painted eggs you collect can be upgraded to Bronze eggs once you collect 10. If you collect 10 bronze eggs then you can upgrade to a silver egg, eventually all the way to gold! There are various items available to help you during your hunt. The Easter Basket will allow instant pickup of eggs and the Bunny Onsie and Ears will provide you an advantage via Egg Vision. I hope you guys enjoy playing this minigame as much as we enjoyed getting it ready for you. Have fun!View the full update Entry
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