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  1. SERVER IS BACK ONLINE BEFORE u connect, update ur RustBuster Client !!! CHANGELOG: - We added a BIG surprise for u all ! We named it: "PlatoonMOD" ! YOU ALL WILL LOVE IT ! Best Thing for PVP ! - Lot of BugFixes - New Loot positions added - New SoundTrack added - New (no lag) buildings added - HealFX 1.5 at the surprise location - HurtFX 1.5 at the surprise location
  2. Hey mate ! Better use always: for a faster help. Here is what u can do: Here is the working solution, do step by step. - Close Rust complete, start rust again and reconnect. If it dont disappear after some seconds, u need to update ur client. Open RustBuster Verifyer and Updater in u rust directory. After Update , try again. IF this also dont help, deinstall rust complete and reinstall it. After install, update like i told. Done !
  3. Changes 06.11.2018 The server is back online ! Pls READ this changelog : - The server is FULLY WIPED ! Also Kits,Homes and Clans - Fixing the FPS Drops that some players complained about : DONE ! - We removed the LightTowers from the map - All known glitches are fixed ! If u still find some working ones, u can use them WITHOUT a BAN ! - We adjusted the loot a bit - New Loot Positions are added - 2 Huge bridges added, u can also find loot on them (NO FPS DROPS) - Few military tents added, u can also find loot in them (NO FPS DROPS) - Amphetamine is now more expensive ! We changed from 20 Dollars to 200 Dollars, at Kwik-E-Mart it is only 170 Dollars. - Helpsystem on KEY H is also improved and we made changes on them. - Map on KEY M is modified with the new stuff on the map - We added a free TP for all on the map, now u can find Stone Portals, if u walk trough you get teleported to some locations. * Still to do : Improving the Vip and Donattorstuff, adding the new second event. MOST PLAYERS ARE UNBANNED !
  4. #changeday --The server is back online !!!-- But pls read THE WHOLE CHANGELOG ! Its important !!! --Before u connect, update RustBuster-- ---) Open RustBuster Verifyer and Updater as admin. You find the Verifyer in ur Rust Install Directory ! ChangeLog : PLS READ !!! I worked my ass off, so take 2 mins to read all Ok guys , sorry for the waiting time ,but we had a lot of work and we did massive changes ! - Server is updated to RB 1.9.3 , So no hacker has a chance now ! - Home cooldown is now 3 mins and 15 seconds delay, FOR EVERYONE , also VIP´s, Mods and Admins ! - FriendTP Cooldown is set to 2 mins and the delay is 15 sec, also like above for EVERYONE - VIP Stuff fixed ! - 9mm on Autospawn removed, changed with PipeShotGun and Handmade Ammo - HeadBobEffect removed - AutoDecay on Barricades (10 mins) , Campfires (30 mins), WoodShelters (60 mins). Players get info about if they place them. - Server is FULLY Wiped, also homes, clans, bp´s - ClanLimit : U are now allowed to have 15 clanmembers max ! We decided it cause to get a better balance from clans on the server. - We improved the framerate - All known lags are fixed - Fine adjusted the glitch possibilities - !!!! YOU ARE NOT LONGER ALLOWED TO GLITCH ON THE SERVER !!!! YOU WILL RISK A BAN ! - FULLY NEW ITEM (((((((Surprise, Surprise !!! ))))))) -- STILL NOT READY ! MAY BE READY TOMORROW - Added some small custom models - Added 1 extra shop - Improved the ingame map (key M) All locations are now marked on the Map -Added 4 LightTowers (Enterable, filled with loot, ideal for sniper shit) -A Complete small town added ! "BunkerValley" is located near SilkRoad, also marked on the map -HomeSystem adjusted - Huge Bridge added I hope u all have fun with the new update ! GhosT for president,
  5. Hey Guys ! PrisonFight event added ! ( You play the event in a custom prison) We do 4-5 PrisonFight Events every day. Have Fun !
  6. STAFF INFO: Hey guys, short announcement: From now on "RazorZane" is our new StaffMember !
  7. Hey Guys ! Server is fully wiped ! Most players are unbanned ! Take ur new Chance on AVX Have fun and a great Weekend !
  8. Hey Dude ! Sorry i forget to remove the discord link here from the thread. Type ingame /discord in chat and u will be forwarded to our discord. GreetZ
  9. Server was updated to the newest RustBuster 1.9.1 Lot of new AntiCheat stuff , better performance. If u can´t connect, start RustBuster Updater and Verifyer
  10. Thx Guys ! @Knuffel The lags are because we dont use threaded save atm, we use the old save method which causing lags sometimes while saving. We update to new RustBuster soon, if all is stable. Also the server hardware is located in germany.
  11. The server is fully wiped ! Changelog: AVX Dollars: The Avx dollars are our currency system from now on. The Dollars are NORMAL ITEMS that means u can find them by killing rad animals, loot them in chests or Airdrops , or raid them from bases. You can store them like normal items in storage boxes too. Have a nice raid guys We added a HUGE Prison complex near behind smallrad. It is perfect for pvp, you can hide and take cover there. Also there are many lootboxes ! From now on u need to hit a foundation to save your home ! We need that cause many hackers have a easier life without it. We added the "Walmart" near small and the Kwik-E-Mart in hangar. There you can spend your dollars for stuff like weapons and so on. We also added AdrenalineRush to the spawnlist, you can find them in medicboxes. The Server is fully wiped ! The clanlist is still active and not deleted. It was a fucking bunch of work and we hope you like it ! Have fun and a good game, Take Care of your dollars ! !! THE MOST PLAYERS ARE UNBANNED , BUT NOT ALL !!

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