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  1. Short Info: ATM Cash Machine are running without any problems! Most of the players already use it, so we decided that the Cash Machines will stay on the server ! Happy weekend to all !
  2. First changelog of 2019 ! WTF UPDATE Hello everybody ! AVX is back, as always better than before AVX was never dead, we just use the offtime to bring u new stuff and better game experience. Sorry for my inactivity on Discord, but as u can see , we did many changes on discord and also on the server. So whats new ? Check this out: - ATM Cash Machines added to the server. (U can see them on the ingame map where they are located) #★-special-features-★ (DISCORD) - Fully re-designed ingame map - Container Factory added (made with original legacy stuff, really nice for pvp) - Small Factory added - 2 NON PVP Trade and Chill areas added (on the water, so no worry about that we use build areas) U can walk there, or use ./goto trade1 or trade2 - There is now ONLY ONE shop on the map named "SuperStore", if u are inagme u will know why we named it like this Shop is NO PVP U can walk like always to the shops, but u can also do ./goto shop U will be teleported to the shop. TP delay is 20 seconds ! - More Money Ingame - Good loot on all custom building and areas, also in chill zones - Back to NO LIMITS except of build high (Limit is 25). If u find glitches that works, use them - We added 2 new nice performance entries to our performance module, so u can get more fps. - Grass is fully removed if u connect to the server (+15-20 FPS). If u want the grass back, you can still do the console thing (grass.on true) - Graffiti Clan Tags added, you can find an example here #★-avx-shop-★ (DISCORD) - VIP for AVX Dollars added ! - Lot of performance improvements ! Some features : Best wishes for the year 2019 ! Hope u all like the new update
  3. AVX Revival opened the gates !!! We changed our concept successfully ! The Server is back ONLINE Hey Guys ! We are proud as fuck to present you the Most stable, most lagfree and the most optimized server ever! Rust Legacy at its best , that means we dont use any huge custom buildings anymore. We have now the highest possible performance on the server. Even with an old pc u will have nice fps now, we already tested it and there are no problems anymore. Back 2 the roots We changed back to NO LIMITS ! Build where u want , do what u want ! Changes Homes : U can save 6 Homes now , 3 mins cooldown Clans : NO memberlimit anymore Gather : We adjusted the gatherrate , i hope we found the best balance now. Loot : We increased the loot of boxes a bit Shops : You can find a shop at almost every town , ALL SHOPS have the same stuff and prices ! Kits: We added the Revolver on Spawn and we removed the P250 , also the kit "NewItems" is removed. Still available : Farmer,Medic,Home NewItems and Parachute : You can find ALL new items at the shops. Help Pictures on key press H : We changed all images , so it fits to our new concept SplashScreen : We changed the splashscreen ! Now u will find more server infos on the picture. Ingame Map on key press M : We cleaned the MapPicture Statsbutton : We added a STATS button, if activated u will see all player stats and also your stats and exp points. The Stats will be updated every 5 mins ! EXP Points : On each kill and on each C4 u placed , u will get EXP Points. On EACH 100 ExpPoints u will get a huge reward automaticaly ! The Stats will be updated every 5 mins ! Loot Positions : We added a few new loot positions on the map Summary This time our goal was not the great looking of the server, the goal was the gameplay and the performance. With all our changes we was able to bring u the best performance we ever had. I hope u all like it ! Together we make the server GLOW again
  4. The STALKER MOD IS READY ! Foreword It´s been now 7 days since AVX was offline, and i am proud to announce that all the work is done ! My son and me worked near day and night to bring u guys some new stuff and a complete new environment. Our goal was to modify the gameplay and bring more life to the map. Now it is not that quiet on the map and the whole gameplay feeling better. And ofc we thought about the players with low spec computers and we tried hard to optimize all stuff so that everyone can play without any FPS Drops or Lags. We highly optimized all textures and opjects on the map, also all of our beta tester did not complain about any drops. NewStuff Like u can see here #stalker-showcase we added a lot of new stuff, here is a summary of all what we added and what we have changed: New SmallRad Town : We made the SmallRad Area bigger with new walls and new buildings. We only used original Rust Buildings and we highly optimized them ! So all use SmallRad for PVP, and now it is optimized for the best PVP Experience So there will be no lags, even at small rad town. New Airdrop GUI : We removed the big chat messages if an airdrop is on his way, instead of the big chat messages u will see a 128x128 Crate icon with the location of the Airdrop. New Airdrop Animation : We reworked our Helis and made the Airdrop more epic ! Also there is no annoying music anymore, we changed it to some nice epic background music. The new Animations won´t lag the server, all is optimized for every pc. Huge Spaceship BETA We added a huge SpaceShip with a nice light and very scary bck music, it will cross the map every 45 mins / 1 hour. It does nothing special atm, but if we reach the end of the beta phase, it will be able to hurt u in the radius of the light beam, but in the beta phase it is deactivated cause we need to check the behaviour of the ship and also check if it causes problems on the server. So pls dont complain about it, it is beta. Shuttle Cruiser Ship BETA : There is also a small (LOL) cruiser ship which crossing the map every 30 mins, also with sound. The function of this ship will be that it throws the AVX crates which u can see here #stalker-showcase after the beta phase. AVX timed Crates : You will find 2 Crates on the map with VERY GOOD loot in it, BUT THEY ARE LOCKED ! They only opens every 30 mins ! We will add more of those crates after the beta phase. Animated Teleporters : You can find 4 Teleporters around the map (They are marked as TP on the ingame map) you can use them if u walk trough the blue beam under the teleporters. Each teleporter has a different destination, try it out. Nuke Explosions : First, THEY DONT HURT U ATM ! The nukes are also beta. There are 3 Explosion Locations on the map, the nukes will happen every 1 hour. Atm it is only a very nice and wonderfull effect, but only for the beta phase ! After the BetaPhase they will destroy buildings in a give radius and they will also do some rads on you. You will hear a creepy alarm and a voice 10 seconds before this nice effect will start. Also the nuke sounds are optimized and not annoying. HomeSystem : We moved back to the good old homesystem from @DreTaX , u need to hit a foundation to set ur home, u can set 6 homes now ! Shops : There are 3 working shops on the map and also 1 hidden shop ! You can find the 3 official shop on the IngameMap marked with a dollar sign, the hidden one is reachable with the RED : Teleporters which are VERY HARD to find ! The hidden one is more cheaper and has stuff which the other ones don´t have. New IngameMap : We added the new map with all special locations. U can reach them by pressing "M" Clan Member Limit : From now on, NO LIMITS Building Restrictions : U can build 15 high and max 50 foundations. We need to add this lil restriction because of spam. Lightmapping : We was able to do our own lightmapping , we adjusted, increased the overall performance and put some nice night effects into the game. Shadow System : The shadows on HIGH settings are now smoother and need less gpu and cpu performance, also in mid range settings. Overall Performance : We tried very hard to give also on old pc ´s the best performance as possible, so we did very much stuff to increase the overall performance, we also adjusted our performance module to the highest possible performance in balance with good looking. Gather Rate : Because of the very nice performance on the server , we decided to increase the loot per hit a bit, example: u will get now 200 wood instead of 140-150 per hit. Supplement I forget few things in the changelog : We removed the permanent stats window in the upper left corner. U can activate it by pressing the "Stats" Button on the lower left where "Performance" and the other ones are located. Use Left click, also u can now check ur own stats and also ur EXP , on each 100 EXP u will get a huge reward ! U get EXP Points by killing players and for using C4. SpaceShip Wrecks U can find 2 wrecks on the map, there is a lot of loot on them, so if u are able to climb on them or maybe u build some stairs around, u will get the loot. Some loot is really good hidden ! Showcase:
  5. We finished the "ChangeDays" ! ChangeLog PLS READ CAREFULLY - The problem that you cant place boxes/barricades/walls near a loot sack is FIXED - The problem that custom items disappear after restart is FIXED - You can now set 5 homes ! - You don´t need to hit a foundation anymore, place ur home where you want ! - VIP and Donator is FULLY REMOVED , all players have the same advantage ! - NO LIMITS are back ! Build where u want, build as high as u want ! NO LIMITS ! - A new second hangar was added, check the ingamemap for location. Ingamemap is reachable with key "M" - New Map added on key "M" (re-designed) - New Help screens on key "H" added - New HUGE complex added on the water , check the map for the bridge ! - Gatherrate increased (Yes it is now higher than before) - All known glitches are fixed (If u find a glitch which is still working, you can use without ban) - MOST PLAYERS UNBANNED @Lysergic You also - New kit added to the list (type ./kit newitems) - The P250 is back on spawn - PocketWarps Item added ( You can find them in the shops, also in the kit "newitems" ) - We added a new RadTown named "TinyRad" , you can find the location on the IngameMap - Lot of adjustments - Lot of new loot positions around the map. - We re-worked the shop gui ! Better overview now and better design ! - All new buildings are without high polycount, so no fps drops ! - Framerate on the server is HIGHLY increased ! - PLS READ THE RULES WHICH WE ADDED IN THE INGAME HELP (Key H) - SERVER IS BACK ONLINE FULLY WIPED I hope u guys like this changes and i welcome all back on the server
  6. SERVER IS BACK ONLINE BEFORE u connect, update ur RustBuster Client !!! CHANGELOG: - We added a BIG surprise for u all ! We named it: "PlatoonMOD" ! YOU ALL WILL LOVE IT ! Best Thing for PVP ! - Lot of BugFixes - New Loot positions added - New SoundTrack added - New (no lag) buildings added - HealFX 1.5 at the surprise location - HurtFX 1.5 at the surprise location
  7. Hey mate ! Better use always: for a faster help. Here is what u can do: Here is the working solution, do step by step. - Close Rust complete, start rust again and reconnect. If it dont disappear after some seconds, u need to update ur client. Open RustBuster Verifyer and Updater in u rust directory. After Update , try again. IF this also dont help, deinstall rust complete and reinstall it. After install, update like i told. Done !
  8. Changes 06.11.2018 The server is back online ! Pls READ this changelog : - The server is FULLY WIPED ! Also Kits,Homes and Clans - Fixing the FPS Drops that some players complained about : DONE ! - We removed the LightTowers from the map - All known glitches are fixed ! If u still find some working ones, u can use them WITHOUT a BAN ! - We adjusted the loot a bit - New Loot Positions are added - 2 Huge bridges added, u can also find loot on them (NO FPS DROPS) - Few military tents added, u can also find loot in them (NO FPS DROPS) - Amphetamine is now more expensive ! We changed from 20 Dollars to 200 Dollars, at Kwik-E-Mart it is only 170 Dollars. - Helpsystem on KEY H is also improved and we made changes on them. - Map on KEY M is modified with the new stuff on the map - We added a free TP for all on the map, now u can find Stone Portals, if u walk trough you get teleported to some locations. * Still to do : Improving the Vip and Donattorstuff, adding the new second event. MOST PLAYERS ARE UNBANNED !
  9. #changeday --The server is back online !!!-- But pls read THE WHOLE CHANGELOG ! Its important !!! --Before u connect, update RustBuster-- ---) Open RustBuster Verifyer and Updater as admin. You find the Verifyer in ur Rust Install Directory ! ChangeLog : PLS READ !!! I worked my ass off, so take 2 mins to read all Ok guys , sorry for the waiting time ,but we had a lot of work and we did massive changes ! - Server is updated to RB 1.9.3 , So no hacker has a chance now ! - Home cooldown is now 3 mins and 15 seconds delay, FOR EVERYONE , also VIP´s, Mods and Admins ! - FriendTP Cooldown is set to 2 mins and the delay is 15 sec, also like above for EVERYONE - VIP Stuff fixed ! - 9mm on Autospawn removed, changed with PipeShotGun and Handmade Ammo - HeadBobEffect removed - AutoDecay on Barricades (10 mins) , Campfires (30 mins), WoodShelters (60 mins). Players get info about if they place them. - Server is FULLY Wiped, also homes, clans, bp´s - ClanLimit : U are now allowed to have 15 clanmembers max ! We decided it cause to get a better balance from clans on the server. - We improved the framerate - All known lags are fixed - Fine adjusted the glitch possibilities - !!!! YOU ARE NOT LONGER ALLOWED TO GLITCH ON THE SERVER !!!! YOU WILL RISK A BAN ! - FULLY NEW ITEM (((((((Surprise, Surprise !!! ))))))) -- STILL NOT READY ! MAY BE READY TOMORROW - Added some small custom models - Added 1 extra shop - Improved the ingame map (key M) All locations are now marked on the Map -Added 4 LightTowers (Enterable, filled with loot, ideal for sniper shit) -A Complete small town added ! "BunkerValley" is located near SilkRoad, also marked on the map -HomeSystem adjusted - Huge Bridge added I hope u all have fun with the new update ! GhosT for president,

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