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  1. Well this server is 0.62 again. They don't run 1.0 server... You can find all files on Discord.
  2. Nice server, but it needs something I sent you PM. You can check it.
  3. I think there are too many zombies, but nice server. maybe quicker smelting in normal furnace would be nice
  4. WELCOME TO CRACKZ •CrackZ is providing fully working modified servers which are running 24/7 •CrackZ servers are improving daily so players will have more fun and better gaming experience HOW TO PLAY ON CRACKZ V0.62 SERVER •Join CrackZ Discord server •Go to section #download-062 and download client through torrent •Then go to section #updates-mods and download all updates so you can play the game properly •PLAY FEATURES •Server is running 24/7 •Server is restarting every 6 hours •High loot •Active admins JOIN THE CRACKZ COMMUNITY ON DISCORD ENJOY YOUR STAY
  5. I know that it isn't free and for somebody it isn't cheap (I was hosting my own server here in past), but I just want to say that good servers have gone. ?
  6. Omg guys, we need any good servers... Where is RustFree4All, SurviveTheMadness or Supreme's Reverse... ;( Good old times.
  7. drxger

    Rust stuttering

    Hi guys, I have one annoying problem with Rust Legacy. When I'm playing it I have around 80FPS, but every 15-20 seconds it will lag for like 1-2 seconds... It's really annoying and Idk how to fix. Any suggestions?
  8. Really good server, but it needs more players.
  9. Yes I've done it already, now when I'm connecting, everytime it will lag at the end of the loading. Idk why...
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