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  1. Date of last wipe please?
  2. There is a problem with the server rn. Only steam players can join.
  3. So wait. Server is now only for Steam players or what?
  4. "There are admins spectacting gameplay resulting less to 0 cheaters" :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Nice one!

    We need x10 server

  6. Oh my god stop being so annoying. You've got banned on almost all server on this server so STFU up and play something else.
  7. Fuck. I really like the server but I was playing on servers with instant craft before. Omg
  8. Okay thank you. I played on server about 15 minutes and I like those gather rates and loot economy. I will play again tomorrow when I get home from work.
  9. Hi guys, I just want to ask you if there are active admins on this server. I want to play on it, but I don't want to have experiences like on Free4All server where admin was online only one time per week and there were a lot of cheaters... Thank you for your answer.
  10. [UPDATE] Update 3 was released. You can get it on discord in update section. It includes new items, tents and finally backpacks save in tents.
  11. Sure, it is! IΓÇÖm just inactive cuz IΓÇÖm playing Fortnite and other games rn.
  12. [UPDATE] Loot has been added to the military prisons and new military camp has been added to the Krasnostav's airstrip.
  13. [UPDATE] New 66MB update has been released. It contains new weapons and items, you can download it here. If you won't download it you can still access the server, but you won't see new items so the update is important. Also new items have been added to the crashsites and VIP tools!

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