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  1. [UPDATE] Update 3 was released. You can get it on discord in update section. It includes new items, tents and finally backpacks save in tents.
  2. Sure, it is! IΓÇÖm just inactive cuz IΓÇÖm playing Fortnite and other games rn.
  3. [UPDATE] Loot has been added to the military prisons and new military camp has been added to the Krasnostav's airstrip.
  4. [UPDATE] New 66MB update has been released. It contains new weapons and items, you can download it here. If you won't download it you can still access the server, but you won't see new items so the update is important. Also new items have been added to the crashsites and VIP tools!
  5. [UPDATE] VIP Tools program has been updated to V1.15. Some CreditZs loss have been fixed and new skin has been added.
  6. [UPDATE] New police wrecks are now in testing phase on S4 exp. They will spawn mostly around the coast against trees, houses, lights, with zombies and loot around it. Hope you'll like new points of interest!
  7. [UPDATE] Loot tables which were testing on S4 experimental were applied to S3 stable. Loot tables are now more stable. See you in game survivorz!
  8. Coder is now testing new loot tables on S4. You can test it by yourself guys! IΓÇÖll add more features to the topic tomorrow. See ya in game survivors!
  9. WELCOME TO CRACKZ Γûâ•‘CrackZ is providing fully working modified servers which are running 24/7 Γûâ•‘CrackZ has more servers: - SERVER1: high loot stable server - SERVER2: same as S1, but it's server for testing new features that will come to the stable S1 - SERVERPVP: server is changing locations and players are spawning with random battle loadouts Γûâ•‘CrackZ servers are hived so you can move your character across servers which are named [CrackZ][Hived] Γûâ•‘CrackZ servers are improving daily so players will have more fun and better gaming experience HOW TO PLAY ON CRACKZ Γûâ•‘Download CrackZ client and update from here: CrackZ Γûâ•‘When you will start the game go to server browser and click on "LAN" section Γûâ•‘All servers will pop up and you can choose which to play. FEATURES Γûâ•‘Server is running 24/7 Γûâ•‘Server is restarting every 6 hours. *keep in mind that S4 can restart randomly, because it's experimental server for testing Γûâ•‘Custom Loot Tables Γûâ•‘Helicrash Sites Γûâ•‘Zombies Custom Loot Tables Γûâ•‘VIP Tools Γûâ•‘Hive Γûâ•‘Active admins Γûâ•‘Custom Car Spawns *more cars on the map VIP TOOLS Γûâ•‘This tool is for everyone Γûâ•‘Paying with CreditZ Γûâ•‘You can buy items, send CreditZ to friends and warp to some locations Γûâ•‘Download tool from here: Tool Γûâ•‘Run it, insert your ID and use it Γûâ•‘If you are new user click on "Create New wallet" first. JOIN THE CRACKZ COMMUNITY ON DISCORD ENJOY YOUR STAY
  10. Steam Auth Failed

    It actually has more then you think Todo with it. I've done it and it still saying Steam Auth Failed... But I downloaded rust server files from rusteo and cracked oxide from rusteo too and it's running.
  11. Steam Auth Failed has nothing to do with Steam Auth Failed...
  12. Steam Auth Failed

    I downloaded server files through steamcmd and then simply changed numbers from 252490 to 480 as guide on this website say. Steam Auth Failed
  13. Steam Auth Failed

    Did I say that I want to post my server on this list? I just want to get help. This forum don't offer help to others? What is then support section for?
  14. Steam Auth Failed

    Can you help me or are you only going to read it?
  15. Easiest way to create a RUST Server 2018

    Can I join through cracked client too? Cuz when I've done server through Steamcmd I couldn't connect. When I wanted to connect it said: "Steam Auth Failed". I had 480 number in steamappid.txt

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