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  1. Complete teleport very fast, just click and go See your positioning and also others players and animals Small minimap whit zoom.
  2. map.on --> Console command enable map --> Console command disable map speed.on esp.on recoil.on fog.on light.on
  3. New plugin MiniMap 2D. Use commands: map.on --> Console command enable map --> Console command disable map
  4. New commands /money show menu /drop /drop playername /kill playername /tpatoplayer playername /tpahere playername
  5. Please sir Krzysztof... what is explesion DOPE?? Sorry ask... me speak portuguese and not understand slang english... Thanks
  6. Please ice... How to make to enable fougerite.rpctracer?? Thanks.
  7. New features: speed.on --> Console command enable high speed --> Console command disable high speed recoil.on --> Console command disable weapon recoil effect --> Console command enable normal recoil effect esp.on --> Console command enable esp --> Console command disable esp

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