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  1. Helicopter more complete. Weapon down helicopter. Press '' 7 '' to activate weapon. Press '' 8 '' to create your self helicopter.
  2. Automatic spawning helicopter. To create a helicopter press "Y". Destroy a Helicopter by pressing "I". Go up using "U". Scroll down using "J". Helicopter parked in the sky using "K".
  3. Now using click mouse toggle selection (very fast): speed ON/OFF esp ON/OFF head bob effect ON/OFF fps light ON/OFF remove haze effect (fog on or off) show enemy ON/OFF show animal ON/OFF fps boost ON/OFF CrossHair ON/OFF
  4. Complete teleport very fast, just click and go See your positioning and also others players and animals Small minimap whit zoom.
  5. map.on --> Console command enable map --> Console command disable map speed.on esp.on recoil.on fog.on light.on
  6. New features: speed.on --> Console command enable high speed --> Console command disable high speed recoil.on --> Console command disable weapon recoil effect --> Console command enable normal recoil effect esp.on --> Console command enable esp --> Console command disable esp
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