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  1. Cracked Battlefield Server?

    If you did actually exploit it and you can make a cracked server, download this plugin: Its compatible with oxide. To manage resources go to console, and type: gather.rate dispenser * <amount you want to multiply with> dispenser means chopping wood, or mining a rock. for example, gather.rate dispenser * 10000 will give me 10000x more wood. the star "*" means All. For example, instead you can write "Wood" (gather.rate dispenser Wood 10000) and it will multiply wood by 10000. The next, is gather.rate pickup * 10000 Will increase the pickups. gather.rate quarry * 10000 Will increase quarry resources. gather.rate survey "Sulfur Ore" 10000 will make you get more sulfur from survey charge, obviously replace sulfur with a star (*) to make everything multiply. Hope I helped!
  2. Cracked Battlefield Server?

    I know. I have a battlefield server myself, but you cant make it cracked. not after the patch of rust official. I wonder, how do you play on a cracked server, if you cant crack it?

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