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  1. says friendly i mean supreme is just a dickhead in general though
  2. Ender Headshot

    We need x10 server

    i bought rust cause i wanted a 1k so you can do the same for the 10x
  3. GoldenBlade bud im sorry to break it to you, this server has some of the chillest admins i know for a fact andrea or any of the staff be it Miicro or any cm on the server would just mute you and for cheats to be detected he had to be logged in. - Foldr
  4. Ender Headshot

    RUSTBERG v2099 [SemiVanilla|Modded] Steam/NoSteam

    Yeah tommy, 500x cough cough
  5. Foldr is my ign it says banned cheating : other i played like once 2 months ago and never logged in and all i did was hit some trees and make a stone 1x1
  6. I havent played here before but i go to connect and im banned? Im confused as can be
  7. Ender Headshot

    Cracked Battlefield Server?

    Hey im just wondering if anyone knows of an increased gather to either 1000,10000x battlefield server with no bp or wb im just looking for some fun on a server i can do practice raids on.

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