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  1. Server Not up. Cant Connect
  2. Foldr is my ign it says banned cheating : other i played like once 2 months ago and never logged in and all i did was hit some trees and make a stone 1x1
  3. I havent played here before but i go to connect and im banned? Im confused as can be
  4. Cracked Battlefield Server?

    Hey im just wondering if anyone knows of an increased gather to either 1000,10000x battlefield server with no bp or wb im just looking for some fun on a server i can do practice raids on.
  5. Im banned for speedhack when I was running for a raid i switched to my heavy plate gear and i was still sprinting i stopped running so i wouldnt be kicked and gg i got banned no kick warnings Foldr Steamid 76561198445404483
  6. I have been unfairly banned i started running with heavy plate pants while running and was banned for speed hack Foldr 76561198445404483

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