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  1. The server had to do some updates and maintenance. Server is back online now.
  2. Name blocker should be working properly now.
  3. The server has been having some maintenance/updates. Will be up soon again.
  4. Country Blocked Countries: Thailand, China, Iran, Azerbaijan because of Unban tools and cheater issues. VPNs are now Blocked.
  5. Added /challenge name You can do 1v1 battles now. Use /giveup to end.
  6. The server ip is: net.connect You need RustBuster to play Discord is: Hope this helps.
  7. United Rust PVP | Multiple Arenas | Challenge | All Guns / P250 Arena | C-AntiCheat | CheatPunch ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Server Location: Frankfurt Am Main, Germany 50 Players net.connect or net.connect ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hardcore PVP C-AntiCheat Cheat Punch Challenge 1v1 Duel Arena All Guns or just P250 Arena Multiple Arenas Tp locations: /arena /arena2 /arena3 /arena4 /arena5 /area /small /big /factory /hangar /everust /hacker /french /next /coast /resource Active Admins AutoKit ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Countries Blocked: Thailand , China , Iran , Azerbaijan , because of Unban-tools and cheater issues. VPNs (Virtual Private Network) are Blocked. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- net.connect or net.connect Game Download -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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