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  1. Fixed bug with spawn. Your favorite server RUSTBERG.
  2. SERVERS UPDATED TO LAST DEVBLOG The Team Update OPEN 4 NEW SERVER connect (Classic) connect (X2, PROCEDURAL, MAX 3) connect (Classic, Max 2, Barren) connect (X5, Max 3, Barren) To see all available plugin use command: /help IF YOU WANT SUPPORT SERVER YOU CAN DONATE ON OWN SHOP: PS. SHOP IS ONLY IN RUSSIAN USE GOOGLE TRANSLATE PAGE THX.
  3. Update: You can find our servers in cracked rust client.
  4. Update on the server: (! READ CAREFULLY!) Now we have password authentication on the server, how does it work? If you enter the first time on the server, you will be asked to create your own password, you will need to enter it every time you enter on the server, this is done so that the "Moms programmers" can not enter from your SteamID. P.S - write down or remember your password because the administration will not restore or change it for security reasons.
  5. IP (TO JOIN: PRESS F1 IN GAME AND PASTE IP IN CONSOLE) connect (Semi-Vanilla) connect (X2, PROCEDURAL, MAX 3) connect (Classic, Max 2, Barren) connect (X5, MAX 3, Barren) Contact (Join to know all about server update) Vkontakte Group Facebook Group Discord To see all available plugin use command: /help
  6. Good answear, i think is private method and only top server have this shit! Maybe someone on this forum can share it or sell.
  7. Where is knights table vanilla? I think cracked rust community want one vanilla or semi-vanilla server.

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