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  1. HotHead Chanel

    disconnecting: NullReferenceException

    batch file 1 batch file 2
  2. when type client.connect and enter i will get this problem : kicked: EAC: Authentication timed out (1/2) When i type client.connect i will get this problem :disconnected connection attempt failed
  3. ok i will delete it. and you know this problem disconnected connection attempt failed
  4. after i'm find the way how to create Rust Cracked server ... Yes to day i found it Now i have new problem This is problem "kick eac Authentication timed out 1/2 " Please help out
  5. i will try to find the way .. how to create Rust server cracked
  6. omg im lost again .. thx sir for reply me Thanks
  7. i try to read this topic ......and i dont know it's work ? can you see it
  8. i need to edit assembly right edit it in dnspy ? pls sir please i dont get it
  9. Hey just wondering why there's a website which support cracked servers and they don't even have tutorials or even files which are used for creating a cracked server. Honestly if none of the admins on this website even consider doing what everyone wishes, which is a short tutorial video or even a text document of instructions on how to create a cracked server, that would be pretty low to be honest. So who ever sees this can you please tell us how to do it or even send us the cracked files? It would be awesome if you guys could

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