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  1. Everything I say is a joke, 90% of what comes out of my mouth is either false information because i'm trolling or i'm just having fun, lighten up a little bit and quit being so salty every conversation. I've brought many people to the server and I can make them leave... It's your choice, it's as easy as removing some of my videos...
  2. Saltyyy ass ice cold for no reason lmao Takes no jokes but talks shit to everyone and doesn't expect banter back like wtf
  3. Natsirt CSGO

    Failed to connect 7

    This is my error - Someone help, thanks <3 I've tried restarting router, changing ip, reinstalling RustBuster, changing name...
  4. Going to be streaming on the server every once in a while on my youtube channel, hit me up with a sub and i'll bless your ears with the headshot sound Love, Woke
  5. Something big can be happening in the future with another community, school just started and its not always going to be 20 people on at all times, just enjoy you can play at all ?
  6. Not sure what you are on about mate, haven't been on in the past few days and don't recall this lol Wipe is Friday

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