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  1. Server Wipe! Last Wipe: 11.06.2019 Next Wipe: 18.06.2019 sorry for wipe one day later i was busy this days
  2. Update: - all players unbanned. (need for new system) - more detections to anticheat added. (needed 3 for auto-test) - new share system added. (need add again all friends to sharelist) - info message about auto-test added. (<auto-detect> and <player-report>)
  3. Update: - buildings removed again it's to laggy if they rendering we added more Red Animals at: - Next Valley - Beach (Coast Valley) - Between Next Valley and Big Rad Town - Between Hangar and Tanks - Hacker Valley Middle Fix: - now players cant take equip. from arena to outside
  4. Server Wiped! Last Wipe: 22.04.2019 Next Wipe: 29.04.2019 Update: New Buildings and Loot Locations added.
  5. Server Wiped! Last Wipe: 15.04.2019 Next Wipe: 22.04.2019 play fair and have a nice game! Added: - RustExtended added. - /ping - /suicide - /set fps # Adjusting graphics settings on performance. - /set quality # Adjusting graphics settings on quality. - /set [nude|nudity|censor] # Disable censorship of nudity. Removed: - CAntiCheat removed. Fixed: - players will be automatically released from AdminCompanion if restart begins. - players go automatically out arena when restart begins. - boxes from treasure event will be removed if restart begins. (cleanup) - AntiNoRecoil is fixed. (chat announcement and violations kicks/ban) - chat announcement of treasure event fixed. (no more treasure event message if treasure event don't spawned a chest)
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