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  1. Server Wiped! Last Wipe: 18.03.2019 Next Wipe: 25.03.2019 play fair and have a nice game!
  2. We changed to old AntiCheat because RustExtended AntiCheat has a Problem with Anti Aimbot/Norecoil we try to get a Fix
  3. Server Wipe: Last Wipe: 11.03.2019 Next Wipe: 18.03.2019 Update: RustExtended (AntiCheat) added. New Commands: /ping /suicide /set fps|quality|nudy Thats first time test RustExtended AntiCheat if someone see Problems with our new System give us a Feedback.
  4. Server Wiped! Last Wipe: 04.03.2019 Next Wipe: 11.03.2019 have a nice game and play fair!
  5. Server Wiped! Last Wipe: 25.02.2019 Next Wipe: 04.03.2019 play fair and have a nice Game!
  6. Server Wiped! Last Wipe: 17.02.2019 Next Wipe: 24.02.2019 have a nice Game and play fair!
  7. we switched on new stronger server hardware thats why old rustland ip don't works if someone use it.. use always "" and banlist is wiped too this time new chance for all don't destroy it
  8. Server Wiped! Last Wipe: 10.02.2019 Next Wipe: 17.02.2019 play fair and a have nice game!
  9. LastWipe: 31.01.2019 NextWipe: 07.02.2019 Update Informations: - KryptonMod 3.0 added. KryptonMod 3.0 Contains too many fixes such as: LegBreak blocker. InventoryDropper blocker (Toss). VoiceByte ClientCrasher blocker. Bad RPC Message blocked. (uLink.dll) uLink Flooder blocked. BanHack Blocker. TpHack Blocker. atk1-3 Server flooder blocker. Metabolism Hack blocker. This Should Stop Now Current Hacks.. - PM History added. /pm <Name> <Message> - Send A Message To XXX. /r <Message> - Reply A Message. /pmhistory <Number> - History Of Your Private Messages. /pmsearch <Word/Name/Date> - Searching System. /page - Resultat Of Search.
  10. Server Wiped! Last Wipe: 24.01.2019 Next Wipe: 31.01.2019 have a nice Game and play fair!
  11. Treasure Event Plugin added. ( Every 30 Minutes Starts Treasure Event Type /temp For Informations.) Server Wiped: Last Wipe: 17.01.2019 Next Wipe: 24.01.2019 Have a nice Game and play Fair!
  12. Server Wiped! Last Wipe: 10.01.2019 Next Wipe: 17.01.2019 have a nice Game and play fair!

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