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  1. i skip this update the v2140 and wait to the next about the day 07/02
  2. Server Info: Gather x2 , Scrap x1 , Tpr , Home , Kits , Voteday , Skins , Stattrak & some wipes will add PvP events. The server Owner dont play , but you can ask for he on discord and the mods only can do "/ban" and "/mute". (no admin abuse) Server update every month. (now are on the v2138) Web: click! Discord: click! IP: client.connect
  3. Nice , i will share this to my friends , he play on legacy but the server close :c
  4. LoL Esports 24/7

    Rust Tutorials: Cracking the server 2018

    Thx , You know how i can show my server in the server list? I have the appid 480 in the server and the client , and the players can join with the IP , but idk why cant show in the modded tab. and have the last version v2108
  5. LoL Esports 24/7

    Rust Tutorials: Cracking the server 2018

    I have the same problem , you can solved this?

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