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  1. Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment on our server, but the information you provide is totally false. The server has 4 mods and none can be given items. Anyway if you are a noob and people get legally equipped and kill you do not cry please , and provide evidences. Have a good day 😛
  2. tipical rat lie and lie and lie go play minecraft u cant join anymore in my server , make a new history now...
  3. But you dont leave my server because the mods do mod abuse? why u try keep play here?
  4. nice cruck , i only know this , but... how much accounts with ban on steam you have?
  5. Why you say this if you dont have idea??? My mods report all bans and mutes to me... and the bans are saved on a MySQL db and have a web interface to the mods... i check every ban every days 1by1 and the mods send SS if found any hack on reported players. If any player get ban for "no reason" can report it on discord.... and in 1 year and about 6 months only you and you friend come here to lie.... No one can abuse in my server can you understand? Today you start cry on my server and say: "The mods share my IP to the hacker and the hacker DDOS me and i get dc 45 minutes and i get raided". ( dude who want ddos you to raid....) You have no proof of anything and it is your word against mine. add: my mods cant fly , cant vanish , cant tp , cant give , cant spawn kits , cant do nothing , only ban , test and mute , and no1 get banned for no reason. And you ofc now are banned now , if you read my server rules you cant play here.... u have steam ban and "cheaters" not allowed on my server. and dont forget the other account with vac... i hate hackers and i hate when admins/mods abuse and you try fuck me with this? rolf
  6. The truth is that I do not like the level of these trolls, I'm sorry if at some point it's a bit immature but well, I do not like to be accused of something I've never done and I'm totally against it. Anyone who plays on my server knows that you will never see admin abuse or mod abuse. And well in case you want to continue responding I will ignore all the trolls messages, if you want to accuse me of something that is with tests.
  7. ??? 0 reports about this.... rly u are fucking retard guy you only want troll here.
  8. Can you help me with EasyAnticheat? I only know 2 cracked sv with anti-cheat and the ppl say can bypass...
  9. But Rustking and 3Ld4D have fun in our server with 0 players and 13% uptime... My comunity know 0 abuse on my server idk why i lose 2 hours writing here.... And any new player is wellcome and can ask about mod abuse on discord or ingame! And my server have about 20-50 players with mod abusers haha ofc , i dont know who can play in servers with admin/mods abusers. I dont need say more , bye my little rats. cheaters talking about my server....
  10. The "hackers" have 5 minutes to share the screen from teamviewer or other programs to get scan and check if he have rust hacks or open rust hacks in the last days. i use some programs to detect hacks , you can remove the hack or use on USB and i can know if you use hacks. And the rules say , have 5 minutes to get test or ban , and if you dont want get test can leave the server and play with hacks on other server....
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