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  1. on the client press f1 to open console and enter this effects.showoutlines 0
  2. IceDemonZN

    EAC: Bad Auth

    can you type this in the server console secure false
  3. A place where you can call home to connect to our server press F1 and enter this ip below connect if you need the client for this server use this direct download link DIRECT LINK REMOVED Disord server Website still under maintenance plugin list Anti Offline Raid Anti Noob Raid Auto Doors (auto close doors after 20 secs also auto close all doors when go offline) Auto purge (purge after 10days) Blood trail (makes it easy to find prey) Chat cleaner (/clearchat) Death notes Friends and clans Random Item Skins Kits MediC Revive (revive a fallen team mate with a stim ) Telephone and home Player challenges Player ranks Remove Start protection Levels
  4. I did some soul searching i found it Updated link for RMS
  5. Would you be able to give me a link to the discord or youtube if you dont mind
  6. hello could someone upload the rust server manager , the site seems to be offline or taken down
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