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  1. Ragnarok Engine is almost ready to be released! We are super excited! We are happy to announce cool objects like Custom Radtowns, ScreenShots - Press f11 to save a screenshot, Custom Radiation* - new sorts of radiation near new Radtowns, Treasure Chests - Special Chests, and Fog - Makes fog around the map! Great job @ice cold! And be sure to join our discord for more information @ Server IP: net.connect
  2. Everything is looking great, we are working harder by the minute and we are super enthusiastic about this and cannot wait for Ragnarok client to be released! Cheers @ice cold . All is looking absolutely incredible here!
  3. It is not a situation where anybody has hurt us. We don't particularly care who did it, either. We are just asking you or your "brother" to delete these hacks as it is destroying the Rust Legacy community and experience.
  4. All good. Hope to see you around somewhere someday. Please get rid of those hacks as people like you are destroying our community.
  5. Give us better details. What were you doing as you got banned?
  6. Good server! Decided to become Admin on it, extremely excited to be working with ice cold. Great owner, and one hell of a server, no lag, great plugins, general updates, and a non-procrastinating owner! Overall, I am excited and dedicated to being on this server, good job @ice cold !

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