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HurtworldExperimental Patch Is Now Live!

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Hi Hurtworldians!

In tonight's patch we have a large rework of upgrade fragments giving them multiple tiers that can be melted down to roll new higher tier versions. We have also extended the item upgrading concept to cover more gear as well as introduced a bunch more items we had sitting in the wings like the combat gear set.

Expect to see a lot more rare creatures and fragment drops for T1, lots will be needed to be combined to reach the rare T2 and T3 fragments.

We have made major improvements to how players connect to servers including a connection queue for full servers and structure downloads limited server wide to prevent server lag on player connection.

In some cases structure downloads will take longer while lots of people are connecting after server restarts, this is necessary to eliminate many instances of server lag (send buffer full errors).

Changes (
  • Added player connection queue for full servers
  • Reserved slots can be added with the addreserved console command similar to addadmin
  • Several serverside optimizations
  • Optimized structure downloads
  • Many new gear items added
  • Balance tweaks to several gear items
  • Changed several gear crafting recipes so they work as upgrades transferring the installed fragments from the upgraded item into the new one
  • Removed pushing force from primary attack on spear, added secondary attack that only applies push force
  • Fragments have been categorized into 3 rarity tiers (uncommon, rare, legendary)
  • Fragments can now be recycled into fragment dust through the right click context menu
  • Fragment cases can be crafted from the wood workbench that give a random fragment from the appropriate tier when opened
  • Reduced steepness of many hills
  • Added no build areas to player spawn points that were missing them
  • Changed how rare creature spawns are calculated to give a more consistent spawn rate
  • Rare creature health increased
  • Rare Gavkus no longer run away
  • Fixed incorrect effect zone positions on Ultranium and Mondinium resource nodes
  • Player animators are now properly culled when off screen
  • [SDK] Fixed inspector issues with EntityBinaryEffect and EffectZoneBuilder
  • [SDK] Base content general clean up

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