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🔴 NorthernRust DEVLOG IV Wiped 14.05.2019 🔴 MEGALOOT🔼TURRETS🔼METRO🔼Underground Sewers🔼LADDERS🔼MetalBarricades🔼23 New Blueprints🔼3 Homes🔼New Craftables🔼LANDMINES🔼Enterable Shops🔼DiamondMine🔼NoFall🔼NoDura🔼24/7🔼HighPerformanceServer🔼RB

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Hey, @TheRealGhosT ! Whenever i try to join the game via RustBuster, the game closes by itself and a CMD pops up, saying "Launching Rust as admin.... Done!". The thing is, it doesnt launch it again, and i cant join the game because of it..

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Foreword It´s been now 7 days since AVX was offline, and i am proud to announce that all the work is done ! My son and me worked near day and night to bring u guys some new stuff and a complete new environment. Our goal was to modify the gameplay and bring more life to the map. Now it is not that quiet on the map and the whole gameplay feeling better. And ofc we thought about the players with low spec computers and we tried hard to optimize all stuff so that everyone can play without any FPS Drops or Lags. We highly optimized all textures and opjects on the map, also all of our beta tester did not complain about any drops.

NewStuff Like u can see here #stalker-showcase we added a lot of new stuff, here is a summary of all what we added and what we have changed:

New SmallRad Town : We made the SmallRad Area bigger with new walls and new buildings. We only used original Rust Buildings and we highly optimized them ! So all use SmallRad for PVP, and now it is optimized for the best PVP Experience So there will be no lags, even at small rad town.

New Airdrop GUI : We removed the big chat messages if an airdrop is on his way, instead of the big chat messages u will see a 128x128 Crate icon with the location of the Airdrop. New Airdrop Animation : We reworked our Helis and made the Airdrop more epic ! Also there is no annoying music anymore, we changed it to some nice epic background music. The new Animations won´t lag the server, all is optimized for every pc.

Huge Spaceship BETA We added a huge SpaceShip with a nice light and very scary bck music, it will cross the map every 45 mins / 1 hour. It does nothing special atm, but if we reach the end of the beta phase, it will be able to hurt u in the radius of the light beam, but in the beta phase it is deactivated cause we need to check the behaviour of the ship and also check if it causes problems on the server. So pls dont complain about it, it is beta.

Shuttle Cruiser Ship BETA : There is also a small (LOL) cruiser ship which crossing the map every 30 mins, also with sound. The function of this ship will be that it throws the AVX crates which u can see here #stalker-showcase after the beta phase.

AVX timed Crates : You will find 2 Crates on the map with VERY GOOD loot in it, BUT THEY ARE LOCKED ! They only opens every 30 mins ! We will add more of those crates after the beta phase.

Animated Teleporters : You can find 4 Teleporters around the map (They are marked as TP on the ingame map) you can use them if u walk trough the blue beam under the teleporters. Each teleporter has a different destination, try it out.

Nuke Explosions : First, THEY DONT HURT U ATM ! The nukes are also beta. There are 3 Explosion Locations on the map, the nukes will happen every 1 hour. Atm it is only a very nice and wonderfull effect, but only for the beta phase ! After the BetaPhase they will destroy buildings in a give radius and they will also do some rads on you. You will hear a creepy alarm and a voice 10 seconds before this nice effect will start. Also the nuke sounds are optimized and not annoying. HomeSystem : We moved back to the good old homesystem from @DreTaX , u need to hit a foundation to set ur home, u can set 6 homes now !

Shops : There are 3 working shops on the map and also 1 hidden shop ! You can find the 3 official shop on the IngameMap marked with a dollar sign, the hidden one is reachable with the RED : Teleporters which are VERY HARD to find ! The hidden one is more cheaper and has stuff which the other ones don´t have.

New IngameMap : We added the new map with all special locations. U can reach them by pressing "M"

Clan Member Limit : From now on, NO LIMITS

Building Restrictions : U can build 15 high and max 50 foundations. We need to add this lil restriction because of spam.

Lightmapping : We was able to do our own lightmapping , we adjusted, increased the overall performance and put some nice night effects into the game.

Shadow System : The shadows on HIGH settings are now smoother and need less gpu and cpu performance, also in mid range settings. Overall Performance : We tried very hard to give also on old pc ´s the best performance as possible, so we did very much stuff to increase the overall performance, we also adjusted our performance module to the highest possible performance in balance with good looking.

Gather Rate : Because of the very nice performance on the server , we decided to increase the loot per hit a bit, example: u will get now 200 wood instead of 140-150 per hit.

Supplement I forget few things in the changelog : We removed the permanent stats window in the upper left corner. U can activate it by pressing the "Stats" Button on the lower left where "Performance" and the other ones are located. Use Left click, also u can now check ur own stats and also ur EXP , on each 100 EXP u will get a huge reward ! U get EXP Points by killing players and for using C4.

SpaceShip Wrecks U can find 2 wrecks on the map, there is a lot of loot on them, so if u are able to climb on them or maybe u build some stairs around, u will get the loot. Some loot is really good hidden !



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4 hours ago, Krzysztof Popa said:

I use RuistBooster2 and still get kicked -.-? why

Hey Mate ! Thats true, but it is cause we are working on the server at the moment, only admins can join till we are finish with all work.

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AVX Revival opened the gates !!!

We changed our concept successfully !

The Server is back ONLINE Hey Guys ! We are proud as fuck to present you the Most stable, most lagfree and the most optimized server ever!

Rust Legacy at its best , that means we dont use any huge custom buildings anymore. We have now the highest possible performance on the server.

Even with an old pc u will have nice fps now, we already tested it and there are no problems anymore.

Back 2 the roots We changed back to NO LIMITS ! Build where u want , do what u want !


Homes : U can save 6 Homes now , 3 mins cooldown

Clans : NO memberlimit anymore

Gather : We adjusted the gatherrate , i hope we found the best balance now.

Loot : We increased the loot of boxes a bit

Shops : You can find a shop at almost every town , ALL SHOPS have the same stuff and prices !

Kits: We added the Revolver on Spawn and we removed the P250 , also the kit "NewItems" is removed. Still available : Farmer,Medic,Home

NewItems and Parachute : You can find ALL new items at the shops.

Help Pictures on key press H : We changed all images , so it fits to our new concept

SplashScreen : We changed the splashscreen ! Now u will find more server infos on the picture.

Ingame Map on key press M : We cleaned the MapPicture

Statsbutton : We added a STATS button, if activated u will see all player stats and also your stats and exp points. The Stats will be updated every 5 mins !

EXP Points : On each kill and on each C4 u placed , u will get EXP Points. On EACH 100 ExpPoints u will get a huge reward automaticaly ! The Stats will be updated every 5 mins !

Loot Positions : We added a few new loot positions on the map

Summary This time our goal was not the great looking of the server, the goal was the gameplay and the performance.

With all our changes we was able to bring u the best performance we ever had. I hope u all like it !

Together we make the server GLOW again


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First changelog of 2019 ! WTF UPDATE Hello everybody !

AVX is back, as always better than before ? AVX was never dead, we just use the offtime to bring u new stuff and better game experience. Sorry for my inactivity on

Discord, but as u can see , we did many changes on discord and also on the server. So whats new ? Check this out:



- ATM Cash Machines added to the server. (U can see them on the ingame map where they are located) #★-special-features-★ (DISCORD)

- Fully re-designed ingame map - Container Factory added (made with original legacy stuff, really nice for pvp)

- Small Factory added - 2 NON PVP Trade and Chill areas added (on the water, so no worry about that we use build areas) U can walk there, or use ./goto trade1 or trade2

- There is now ONLY ONE shop on the map named "SuperStore", if u are inagme u will know why we named it like this  Shop is NO PVP U can walk like always to the shops, but u can also do ./goto shop U will be teleported to the shop. TP delay is 20 seconds !

- More Money Ingame

- Good loot on all custom building and areas, also in chill zones

- Back to NO LIMITS except of build high (Limit is 25). If u find glitches that works, use them 

- We added 2 new nice performance entries to our performance module, so u can get more fps.

- Grass is fully removed if u connect to the server (+15-20 FPS). If u want the grass back, you can still do the console thing (grass.on true)

- Graffiti Clan Tags added, you can find an example here #★-avx-shop-★ (DISCORD)

- VIP for AVX Dollars added !

- Lot of performance improvements !

Some features ?:






Best wishes for the year 2019 ! Hope u all like the new update

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Short Info:

ATM Cash Machine are running without any problems!

Most of the players already use it, so we decided

that the Cash Machines will stay on the server !


Happy weekend to all !

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Finally it is done !

NorthernRust is Online It was a very hard descision for us to close AVX forever, but i think we can take it as a lesson and to try to make it better this time.

We thought a lot about which features we should add on northernrust and which not. The old NorthernRust in 2015 had a gather rate between 2x and 3x and there was near megaloot on RadAnimals. So we do it exact in this way also on the new NorthernRust. @4g3v did a VERY great job again, he goes through many sleepless nights to bring u guys the most advanced and usefull mods ever. He coded a new placing system where the players are able to place custom stuff , so in this way it was possible for us to create REAL NEW ITEMS like the Landmines, new placeable premade bases, new metal barricades and a lot more. ALL ITEMS SPAWN IN REALTIME AND EVERY PLAYER CAN SEE AND/OR HEAR THEM We took the best mods from avx also and bring them back to life on northern rust. On of this is the AM4, we leave it on northern with some special text to honor avx a bit. So we did a lot and its way to much to write it all down, just check it for yourself, you will like it. Check also our edited first page from this post here on cgs ?


GreetZ 2 All


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- now on megaloot and gather

- The chance to find the new blueprints is increased !

- craftable One Man Bunker added

- craftable WoodFactory added

- craftable WaterBridges added

- 22 new Loot Positions

- Islands added

- many performance increasements

- new announce system

- reworked models

And a lot more, just give it a try , u will love it !

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Devlog No.3 WIPE No.2

The Server is back ONLINE !

Hey NorthernRustlers ! I am proud to provide you guys our reworked Devlog No.3 !

This time there are only few changes, but the changes are great !

I want to say thanks to @jyellow and to my son @4g3v , they helped me a lot to bring the server to a new level !

Fougerite Updates We updated Fougerite to the latest stable release, so in this way we are protected against the most crashes , special thx to @DreTaX for the fast fixes !

Custom Items updates We removed some unnecessary items, cause they are not needed. One of these are: The PortalRadio , Bookshelf , RaidFlag , WoodFactory and the WaterBridge. People spammed it to lag the server, this time it won´t happen again.

Parachute Our Parachute is now fully implemented and u dont longer need to buy them, you will find it in RadAnimals now. (But very rare), also the Hud of the parachute fits now perfect to our Parachute 2.0. Also u can use it multiple times now, even if u disconnect.

Image Announcement System We reworked the announcements a bit, they are now better readable, also it will announce every 1 hour instead of every 25 mins.

Sewer Updates We updated our sewer a bit , we added few walls and crates for taking cover behind, thx to @abhaya777 for the idea ! Also the secured

Area C1 which was unused last wipe , is now active and filled with a lot of weapon loot, ofc u need the Keycard C1 which u can find if u kill RadAnimals. The Building Areas A,B and C are now fully protected, so NO One can intrude through the ceiling anymore ! Attention: DONT SPAM Spikes into the building areas A,B and C ! If we see them, we remove them ! OFC u can use spikes in the areas a,b, and c , but not 1000 of them !
Metal Barricades We reworked our MetalBarricades ! The old ones was looking crap, so the new ones does not only look better, they have spikes where ur enemys will get hurt if they touch them. The MetalBarricades will stay on server for 3 mins, after 3 mins they destroy itself. The MetalBarricades are in BETA
so if u see any lags or erros beacuse of them, pls post it in #bug-report !
So yeah, the server is wiped and back online ! We wish u all a GREAT experience on NorthernRust
!!!! Below are some Screenshots of the new Barricades and the Area C1 which u find in our sewer !
The activated Area C1 in the sewer.


The new MetalBarricades:




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Auto Turrets Progress Info:

Hey Guys ! The Turrets are in the final phase !

The movement of the turrets and the targeting of the players are now fully working.

We implement a destroy method, so in this way u can destroy them with any weapon !

U need to place a barricade or something like that to take cover.

Also they are only placeable on structures, in this way we prevent that they will spammed around the map 😉


GreetZ to all and have a great weekend !



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Finally the waiting time is over, NorthernRust is back with the most biggest modifications we have ever done ! Special thx goes this time to my son @4g3v for all the great coding works and to @DreTaX for the nice support and for bring this game back to life Also i want to say -Thank You- to my whole staff especially to @jyellow for always testing out a lot of stuff with me and @War for always be active in discord and for taking care about the players, THANK YOU GUYS ! A big THANKS goes also to all the players which are waiting their asses off for our release, but i promise all of you that the waiting time was worth it ! I need to say SORRY for the long waiting time, but this time we wanted that all runs perfect even if u have a "Stoneage" Computer, i did all graphic works and 3d models by my own, so we don´t use and third party stuff, in this way i can guarantee you all the best fps and gameplay which we ever provided Now back to the roots

The changes of Devlog No.IV PLS take few mins and READ the whole devlog !!! The Metro We added the metro ! Why ? Because i am tired to see the good old rust map everyday, in the past we added the "Sewer" because i was bored about the rust legacy map, and now i thought it´s time to bring some new again, and voila , the Metro was born ! So in the metro u can do really good pvp, there are a lot places to hide and to take cover. Also u can explore huge areas , trains , rooms, and also ducts. Because of our new download system and the way we optimize our 3d models it is possible to bring u HUGE new areas and maps without any lags ! The metro is also great for collecting a lot of loot. You can find eastereggs too .

The Turrets As you was able to see in the videos, we added fully working turrets too ! You can find all infos about them in #turret-info . Its a great addition for defending your bases if u are offline. Also we added some addons/extensions for the turrets, so in this way you can decide which turrets are the best for u. OFC u need to find the blueprints first ! Pls keep in mind that it is FORBIDDEN to place Turrets in the air, that means if u place a turret on a ceiling, and u destroy that ceiling so that the turret is in the air, we will ban you from server for 2 Weeks ! We can see who placed that turret, so dont even try ! I wont ban anyone, dont force me to ban pls 😉

The KitClasses As u can see here #kitclasses we added a "RPG" like feature, where u can choose a Class on first kit usage. You will also have the classtag infront of your name, !!! KEEP IN MIND !!! that u will have this class which u choosed till next wipe, so be sure that u really want that class which u choosed !

The Performance Module We did some HUGE improvements on our performance module, so its possible even for players with a very old computer to reach high fps ! So if u have a old computer, dont worry and do the following: Hit the "Performance" button in the lower left corner with a LEFT click, then choose also with LEFT click FPS HIGH , GRASS OFF , Tree Distance , and FOG , in this way you will have the best performance on old systems.

Restricted Building Zones Special Thx goes to @Revezundsâ„¢ for sharing the zone radius of acw with me ! So on all rad towns we added different zones which prevent u from building in this areas, in this way we prevent lag spikes on the radtowns.

The new download system On first connect all needed stuff will be downloaded, aprox 20mb need to be downloaded, this will happen very fast, even if u have a slow connection, after the download, the stuff will be spawned. On the second connect our system will check if u have already downloaded the stuff, if so, the system only spawns the stuff without downloading stuff, so it will happen very fast.

Fixes in the sewer We fixed the bug that you was not able to loot some crates in the sewer, its fixed and working now 😉

GatherRate We LOWERED the gatherrate a bit, so you will have 600 wood on each woodpile instead of 1000, i think this is a good balance for a megaloot server.

Normal wolves and bears We lowered the spawnrate of the wolves and bears a bit, this will bring us also more fps.

Rad Animals We added the most new stuff like turrets and turret addons to the RadAnimals, so kill a lot and u will earn a lot 😉

The Shops We fixed a bug in the shops which lowered the fps, the shops are now smooth as fuck, also they are NO PVP zones ! Stuff like explosives and c4 are also now buyable !

Homes Count We lowered the count of homes which u can set to 3 now, it more fair and in this way we dont need to wipe after 5 days !

Discord Bot Commands We added our first bot to discord, there will be a lot of commands which u can use, which help us to answer the most questions about wipes and so on. I will show u all commands soon.

Banned Guys I unbanned the most guys, so take your chance and dont do shit!

So we did a lot of more changes and fixes but its too much to write it all down, as i can see the whole devlog is big as the bible already, rofl ! I wish u all a great time on the new NorthernRust, if u found some bugs, dont cry or get angry, just write it down on #bug-report and we will take care And now restart your clients and do what you are waiting so long for,....connect to NorthernRust

Love u all ! GreetZ GhosT

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