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Come visit the server you'll call home!


To connect to our server, open Connect to Server in the main menu and past the ip::








Fresh Server 24/7


Join our Discord Server:

Join our forum:



Now hiring active admins!



Active Plugins/Mods:

  • AdvertMessages
  • AntiAds
  • AntiCheat
  • NameManager
  • 7DTD ServerTools (Clan/Home/PM/Ping)


Commands List and Mod-Info:


Day Night Length - 40
Day Light Length - 18
Player Safe Zone Level - 10
Player Safe Zone Hours - 10
Drop on Death - Toolbelt Only
Enemy Sense Memory - 180
Enemy Difficulty - Normal
Blood Moon Enemy Count - 8
Block Durability Modifier - 100
Loot Abundance - 100
Loot Respawn (Days) - 7
Air Drop Frequency - 72
Land Claim Size - 100
Land Claim Deadzone - 50
Land Claim Expiry Time - 2
Land Claim Decay Mode - 0 (Linear)
Online Claimed Block Durability - 2
Offline Claimed Block Durability - 8
Bedroll Dead Zone Size - 25



Clan Tag Protection. Only the person that created the clan can delete the clan and promote/demote members to/from officers. Only clan owners and officers can invite and remove members.


  • to make a clan type /clanadd <clanTag>
  • to delete a clan type /clandel
  • to add members type /claninvite <playerName>
  • to remove a member type /clanremove <playerName>
  • to promote a member to officer type /clanpromote <playerName>
  • to demote a member from officer to member type /clandemote <playerName>
  • to accept a clan invite type /clanaccept
  • to decline a clan invite type /clandecline
  • to leave a clan type /clanleave



  • /w <playername> <message> or /pm <playername> <message>



  • /home - to tp to your home
  • /sethome - to set a home
  • /delhome - to delete a home
  • /friend ID - to teleport to a friend
  • /commands - to see all commands


And more!



animated-arrow-image-0310.gifYou can download the latest client HERE!animated-arrow-image-0309.gif



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Guest Artificial Existence

Thank you! I have been enjoying this server very much!

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Guest AL Warrior



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Guest Timo Rauch Rauch

Hallo Ich hab ein Problem mit dem Client er startet aber Ich bleibe immer im Lade screen hängen was soll ich noch machen??

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On 29.8.2017 at 3:35 PM, Pandemonium said:

i cant launch the game, it says windows version isn't compatible

Probably cause your windows is 32bit our client is only for 64bit windows versions.

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@radissox222 Not sure if you are still looking for an answer into this but might aswell leave one for you or any others having the same problem.
Its rather easy you can just log out your current account and make another one, this is achieved by pressing the little arrow next to your name in your steam client them pressing log out of account. you are then free to make another account on steam and can swap between them as you please.
Keep in mind the server can also be played if you own the game yourself, there would be no real need to swap steam accounts then.

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