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♛ Knights Table ♛ [EU] [24/7] [FLEET] v2.332 v4

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Come visit the server you'll call home!

21e5ba-1466145186.png aff111-1466145180.png


To connect on the menu screen click on "Servers -> Dierect Connect -> Paste in IP: PORT:  -> Connect"


animated-arrow-image-0310.gifIP: Port: 27047animated-arrow-image-0309.gif



Fresh Server 24/7


Join our TeamSpeak Server: ts.knights-table.net:10031



Now hiring active admins!




Use only english in global chat and happy gaming!


Join our TeamSpeak server @ ts.knights-table.net:10031


animated-arrow-image-0310.gifYou can download the latest client HERE!animated-arrow-image-0309.gif




51bc80-1466251965.png a14d3f-1466252048.png 5d8dcf-1466251915.png 8a108f-1466252112.png e17a7a-1466252202.png

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