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Blackwake0.2.2 What's coming, community content vote, and more!

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Today will begin our new patch notes schedule. Although we may do hotfixes during the week, our main patch notes/update posts will be about every two weeks. Of course, we may still do update posts in between when needed.

This patch will require all servers to be updated.


  • Spyglass is now available as a special option. Note that for now it is only slightly beneficial, showing you enemy ship captains/locations. It is also missing 3rd person animations at this time and will appear as a pistol (expect a hotfix for this). In the near future it will also give you information about the current damage state of that ship. The ultimate goal of the spyglass is to require a spyglass to spot a ship before your crew can see it by pressing Q. You will not be able to tell friendly or enemy ships apart (aside from the flag) until someone spots the ship.
  • Servers with friendly fire on will now have ΓǣFF ONΓǥ tagged to the end of the server name. Once we have more hardcore options we will classify FF under HC.
  • 3 more voice actors added, two for pirates and one for navy. You are assigned a voice at random. Eventually youΓÇÖll be able to pick in the customize options.
  • We now support an official globalized ban list read by both official and community servers.
  • Admins can now do /endround to force a round reset.
  • Attempted to fix an issue where some servers would fail to restart.
  • The quit option should no longer register when the server list is active, since it is close to the refresh button and some would hit quit by mistake.
  • Attempted a fix for those who experienced a stuck player customization screen when playing the game. We recommend those who had this issue to verify their game files.
  • Loading screen should no longer run at a very high FPS.
  • Fixed issue when joining a friends server while in a server already.
  • Various anti-cheat measures improved throughout the week (these have not gone ignored)

An update on the connection issues:

We will be receiving a customized build from Unity shortly to update our transport layer. We hope this will show an improvement in connection issues for those who suffer them. If the issue is still not fixed we will continue working with them. We should have a test server up sometime soon for those of you experiencing these issues to try.


In other news we have a new gamemode in the works, capture the booty! If you are interested in taking part in the early stability/balance tests be sure to join our discord. Capture the booty focuses more on land battles and boarding, which we thought would be a great contrast to those of you who have been pouring hours into our TDM modes. Two teams of two hoys will fight for a chest of treasure located on an island between your bases. Do what it takes to claim your riches!

Blackwake discord!

Whats coming in the near future:

Double pistol 5203035_orig.jpg
Boarding Pike 578701_orig.png
Harpoons (throwable) 4514066_orig.jpg
Two Handed Axe (one hit swipes) 5199463_orig.jpg
Matchlock Arquebus(can shoot forwards and backwards) 3002732_orig.jpg

Third person reloading animations
Swimming animation
Server whitelists

Note: Melee will be worked on when we have time, for now we are focusing on important critical things to sustain the playerbase/longevity new content. Also weapon sounds are placeholder and will sound much better in the future.

Community spotlight!

Blackwake - The Beelzebub Pirates
Blackwake: Early Access done right
Blackwake | Crewman Tutorial #3 - When to use each type of cannon munition


  • 1v1 versus mode for 5 friend parties (cannot solo que, will not put you into multi-ship matches due to complexity and balance, only for 1v1 hoy)
  • New game mode

We want to be sure our time is spent wisely while in early access. We would prefer to add what the majority of our community would like to see and feels would benefit the game in the long run.

Blackwake forums for clans/events:
Blackwake discord!

See you on the seven seas!
Dakota & Tyler

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