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Easiest way to create a RUST Server 2018

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Hello, my name is supreme and I am the founder of Reverse Server and Community

The video is very simple and easy to follow

Rust Server Manager:


The IP from server and RCON will be the host's IP if you gonna buy a VPS, or your own IP if you intend to host it on your own computer, i suggest using to create an address on your ip [example:]

If you want a vanilla server you don't need to install Oxide

All the plugins needs to be placed in the plugins folder and edited from the config one[ sometimes from /data ]

You can change the world's size to 3500-4000[RECOMMENDED] For new random seeds use "Generate Seed" button

If you want to use a RCON console the recommended one, which is also free is:

To give yourself owner on the server use ownerid "yoursteamid" [example ownerid 76561198799551358]

For any problems feel free to contact me on:


Discord: supreme#5253

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Can I join through cracked client too? Cuz when I've done server through Steamcmd I couldn't connect. When I wanted to connect it said: "Steam Auth Failed". I had 480 number in steamappid.txt

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